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The 10 Dreamiest Winter Destinations Trending on Pinterest Right Now

Tuscany, Paris, and the Bahamas lead the way.


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Winter Wonderland or tropical beach paradise? As the cold weather swings its way across the northern hemisphere, travelers are dreaming of both snow-capped slopes in Norway and hot, balmy getaways like the Bahamas and United Arab Emirates in equal measure.

According to Pinterest experts, who scrolled through 4 billion travel-related pins saved to millions of boards, European hotspots like Tuscany, Paris, and Portugal are trending for winter travel too.

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It makes perfect sense, as savvy travelers realize venturing to Europe in the cold off-season means not having to share historical landmarks you’ve waited your entire life to see with thousands of other travelers. Indeed, "shoulder season" in Europe is an all-access pass to experiencing Europe's most popular cities without needing to fight the crowds.

Less popular European gems like Budapest and the Czech Republic also make the shortlist. Travelers hoping to flock to warmer weather have been pinning and pining for Caribbean hotspots like CocoCay in the Bahamas and Curaçao and the Philippines.

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These are the 10 trending destinations that have popped up time and time again across travel wishlists, showing just how much more Pinners have been searching and saving the winter destinations on Pinterest over the past year.

Tuscany +1657%

Paris +1340%

CoCo Cay, Bahamas +841%

Czech Republic +723%

Portugal +594%

United Arab Emirates +500%

Curaçao +434%

Norway +376%

Budapest +322%

Philippines +306%


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