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This Is the Most Popular Travel Trend for 2019, According to Pinterest

Pinners are hopping off the beaten track.


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Each year, Pinterest's researchers and analysts scour the site and sift through over 250 million Pinners around the world and their 3 million boards to create "The Pinterest 100". After scouring, they gather fresh ideas in fashion, travel, food, and momentous moments (this year's occasions include "Godparent proposals" and "donut decor.") They use all of that data to predict trends for the new year ahead.

For travel, their predictions for the year show that Pinners' 2019 wanderlust will be geared towards nature, well-being, sustainability, and cycling. But topping all of those travel trends on the site is the search for "less traveled islands," a search term that's gone up in popularity by 179% since last year.

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So while Mykonos and Maui get all of the attention, Pinners are putting their wanderlust into island-hopping luxury adventures in the Philippines, hidden Greek islands, and Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Pinterest's Travel Trend Predictions for 2019:

All’s fare in bus travel: Whether it’s a one-day tour or getting from Caracas to Patagonia, thrifty travelers are boarding the bus. (Searches for bus travel +32%)

Hot springs have sprung: People are finding restoration and relaxation in hot springs—from high-end resorts to out in nature. (Searches for hot springs +32%)

Game of stones: Travelers are skipping the lines at Versailles and seeking out divine, derelict, and dilapidated castles. (Searches for abandoned castles +142%)

No man’s island: Maui no more! Instead, people are diverting to less-traveled islands for that rare pura vida experience. (Searches for less traveled islands +179%)

A wheelie good tour: Both enthusiasts and casual peddlers are trying bike tours—plus, all that cardio means more cheese-eating en route. (Searches for bike tours +64%)

Destination unknown: Gather a group, clear their calendars, keep the endpoint hush-hush, and practice shouting “Surprise!” (Searches for surprise destination +192%)

Out-of-the-way towns: People are seeking out small towns for their bucolic views, unique BnBs, and low-key R&R. (Searches for small town travel +276%)

Waste not, jaunt not: “Zero waste travel” means strategic and sustainable packing, eating, and even hotel-ing. (Searches for zero waste travel +74%)

Have a nice Fall: Sipping hot cider, peeping, and stomping autumnal’s no wonder people are falling for Fall getaways. (Searches for autumn scenery +94%)

Oh Rio, Rio: The Summer Olympics may be over, but Rio’s still got the sand, the city, and Carnaval. (Searches for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +142%)


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