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New Solar-Powered Catamaran Can Traverse Land and Water—And Can Reach Speeds of up to 24 Knots

Italy-based firm Pierpaolo Lazzarini designed the one-of-a-kind vessel.


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In the world of yacht construction, designers are always looking to push boundaries. Heesen Yachts’ “Project Cosmos,” for example, will be the fastest aluminum yacht. Now, Italy-based firm Pierpaolo Lazzarini is testing the waters by creating a luxury catamaran that can travel on land and sea. Plus, it’s solar-powered.

The incredible design, dubbed the Pagurus or Crabmaran, features two living areas split between the two traditional side hulls with a bridge tower deck station joining them. In each of the hulls, there’s room for two to three bedrooms, as well as a kitchen and bathroom allowing wight passengers and four crew to travel comfortably. There’s also plenty of deck space to enjoy lounging and easy access to the water.

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While no luxury detail was overlooked when it comes to living onboard, it’s the vessel’s technical capabilities that are truly noteworthy. It’s dual stern drive propellers and twin 890hp diesel engines make the catamaran capable of hitting 24 knots. Those two spiral-shaped steel cylinders create water friction when submerged, which generates the energy to recharge the batteries while sailing.

Once the vessel hits land, the cylinders lower, making it possible to travel over dunes and muddy trails easily. The onboard elevator in the middle also shows that the catamaran can hold and load different vehicles like a Tesla Cybertruck to traverse the land further or a smaller boat for watersports. That same platform lift could also have a table making for a unique dining experience of hovering above the sea.

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This is just the latest unique design by the yacht builders. They’ve also created a swan-shaped mega-yacht with a detachable boat shaped like the head. While the Crabmaran doesn’t exist yet, Lazzarini said they could build the first one on demand. The cost for the one-of-a-kind watercraft? It will set you back a cool $29.4 million.


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