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How to Spend the Perfect Day in St. Kitts

On the far-flung Caribbean island of St. Kitts, pristine beaches, wildlife encounters, and an unlimited supply of frozen cocktails await.


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Once known as St. Christopher Island, St. Kitts belongs to the two-island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, an idyllic paradise nestled between the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea and the enigmatic Atlantic Ocean. The island welcomes the majority of their guests from October to April—the Caribbean high season, and of course, the perfect time to escape an unforgivingly gray winter. For those honing in on a tropical destination for upcoming winter travel, St. Kitts offers great beaches, lively activities and plenty to do outside the walls of your chosen resort, and of course, well-appointed luxury hotels.

To get an insider’s opinion on how to properly experience St. Kitts, we consulted local business owner Greg Pereira, who runs Greg’s Safaris on St. Kitts. Pereira is a fifth generation islander and has been running tours on the island since 1989—with his incomparable knowledge of St. Kitts, we’ve put together the perfect St. Kitts day.

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Start your day with breakfast at The Great House at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts

Wake up at Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour, an American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts partner, and start your day at the hotel’s main restaurant, The Great House. The restaurant, which sits right on the water, is home to a lovely herb garden—and a rum bar in the evenings. St. Kitts’ sugar plantation history is of great importance on the island, and The Great House is meant to be “reflective of the grand houses which once stood at the center of each plantation.” It’s an idyllic place to sip your coffee, tuck into an omelette or fresh fruit salad, and really appreciate your surroundings in the quiet morning before your day of exploration begins.

Head to Majors Bay for an under-the-radar beach spot

St. Kitts and Nevis is, of course, a beach lover’s paradise. But the most satisfying beach experience on a tropical island is to find a secluded spot that tourists wouldn’t typically visit. Pereira says the best in-the-know beach spot is Majors Bay, which is right off the southeast peninsula highway, not far from where the Sea Bridge Ferry to Nevis picks up St. Kitts guests. It’s a quiet beach, devoid of the bustle of tourist bars and waterfront seafood shacks. Come to Majors Bay for the calm blue waters—always warm enough to swim in—and a secluded stretch of soft, golden sand.

Take an off-road adventure with Greg’s Safaris

For the St. Kitts newcomer, Pereira recommends his Private Safari Tour, which takes guests on a 4x4 off-road safari and beach adventure. “We travel mostly off-road taking our guests where most tourists never go, exploring the Hinterland of the island, where rainforested mountains rise to over 3,000 feet,” says Pereira.

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If you’re not up for a 4x4 off-road Land Rover adventure, Greg’s Safaris also offers hiking tours to see the wild monkeys of St. Kitts, various hummingbird species, and freshwater springs. They’ll also facilitate tours that explore the sugar and rum production heritage of St. Kitts. On Greg’s Safaris Sugar Heritage Tour, guests “visit old sugar planters, a Great House, a 200-year-old Sugar Factory site, and a quaint old plantation church,” says Pereira.

Enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at Reggae Beach Bar and Grill

Reggae Beach Bar and Grill is in Cockleshell Bay not far from Park Hyatt St. Kitts. Pereira recommends it because it offers the classic beach restaurant and bar vibe, while still serving fresh food and offering an atmosphere appreciated by tourists and locals alike. There’s plenty of space on the sand to lay out on loungers under beach umbrellas, and at Reggae Beach Bar and Grill, you must try their fresh conch—either in ceviche, fritter, or chowder form. Throw in a grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich and a lobster salad, and of course, one of their signature tropical cocktails for a classically Caribbean lunch.

For the best St. Kitts shopping, venture to Port Zante

Port Zante is the most popular port in St. Kitts, and home to the island’s best boutiques. Port Zante often welcomes cruise ships and tourists from neighboring islands because of the shopping opportunities and striking architecture, which fuses the old colonial style with modern design. Not only is it a great place for shopping and grabbing a bite to eat, real estate connoisseurs will love touring the new luxury properties for sale.

Choose your dinner wine from Carambola Beach Club’s 4,000-bottle wine cellar

Pereira recommends venturing to Friars Bay for dinner so you can experience the luxurious 4,000-bottle wine collection at Carambola Beach Club. Carambola Beach Club serves global cuisine in an upscale, tropical environment. They serve freshly caught fish in sushi and maki-style rolls, but are best known for their Creole-influenced specialties. Come for an appetizer and a glass of wine before retreating to The Great House at Park Hyatt St. Kitts for dinner, or stay late into the night for the full Carambola Beach Club experience.

Where to Stay

Park Hyatt St. Kitts Christophe Harbour has suites with private terraces and pools overlooking Banana Bay. For an over-the-top and ultra-secluded experience, book the three-bedroom Presidential Villa with a rooftop infinity pool. With direct beach access and two stunning pools—including the adults-only Rampart Pool—the St. Kitts Park Hyatt offers five-star hospitality and a taste of the vibrant atmosphere so unique to the Caribbean islands.


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