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If there's one fantasy that both children and adults have, it's to spend the night at a museum. Ever since Night at the Museum came out in 2006, people have wondered what it would be like to have run of exhibits and learn what happens after the doors close to visitors. And now, for the first time, the International Spy Museum is launching a sleepover experience.

One of the most popular Washington, D.C.-based museums, is now offering exclusive access either after hours for some time in the evening or as a full overnight sleepover in the museum from 7:30 pm to 9 am. During that time, you get to privately explore all the exhibits, including the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever. Plus, you have full access to the Spy Museum rooftop, which has gorgeous views of the Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Wharf, making for some beautiful sunset photos.

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And what makes it incredibly unique is that the experience is only open to a family or friend "pod" of up to 20 people. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved and that COVID precautions are taken.

This unique offering is part of a larger museum initiative to create unusual, new offerings at the museum. Their goal is to find new and different ways for people to connect with the content beyond the four walls. Off-site that means creating opportunities for people to engage from home. That includes interactive family game nights, virtual spy trivia, happy hour with a spy, and maybe even the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA.

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However, on-site, visitor interest has grown exponentially in having museum space to themselves and their group—with the full cleaning regimen before and after the party enjoys the museum exhibit experience. What's next for visitors? Well, it's a mystery!


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