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This Hotel Is Designed to Hang Over a Cliff In Norway

And it comes with the ultimate infinity pool.


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Luxury hotels across the globe are always looking to push the envelope in terms of amenities, experiences, and design to stand out in the hospitality industry. But one hotel might just push it over the edge...literally.

A team of Turkish architects has proposed a new hotel concept that perches a property on the side of a cliff in Norway. Dubbed the “Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel” in a recent rendering, the unique resort is set to have three floors of rooms built into the Preikestolen, a popular 1,982-foot cliff in southern Norway. Pictures also show that each floor will have a balcony hanging over the Lysefjorden fjord below and there will be a glass-bottom infinity pool suspended by cables that jut out into the abyss. Another viewing platform on top of the cliff will also be available for those who want the views, but not the death-defying swim experience.

The entire structure, which was created by Istanbul-based architectural design firm Hayri, is designed to blend in with Preikestolen so as not to disturb the natural beauty of the tourist attraction. And as of now, the hotel doesn’t have an official name nor has it been approved for a build. So, don’t try to book a room any time soon.

This is just the latest announcement when it comes to unique pool concepts. A different team of architects proposed plans for an infinity pool on top of a 55-story London skyscraper that boasts 360-degree views of the British capital.

And as you wait for both projects to come to life, you can sleep on the side of the cliff right now in Peru. The Skylodge Adventures Suites are a series of glass lodges precariously perched on the side of a cliff in the Sacred Valley. To reach them you must climb about 1,300 feet. Once there, you sleep in the glass structure with a 300-degree view of the stunning landscape. Sadly, there’s no pool.


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