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Norway Offers Cozy Cabins for Weary Travelers to Take a Break

These may just be the most well-designed rest stops we’ve ever seen.


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High in the mountains of western Norway, you’ll find Storfjellet—a technically challenging area known as “Big Mountain.” It’s also been a long-time destination for serious hikers. To promote even more foot traffic, Norwegian architecture firm SPINN Arkitekter designed two cabins aimed at giving weary adventurers a place to relax for bit. And, as you can imagine, they’re everything our Scandinavian tiny home dreams are made of.

According to HypeBeast, the sphere-shaped cabins are water-and snow-resistant, as the Arctic climate can get quite aggressive during the winter months. The cabins are tiny; each one measures in around 161 square feet. The furnishings are simple: tables, benches, and a fireplace. The main draw is the massive windows, which helps resting hikers take in the views the area is so well known for.

According to an interview with the designers on ArchDaily, the prompt was simple: “We imagine a small hiking cabin with good windows that has a wood burning stove and simple benches, placed near the top of the mountain and designed such that it suits the terrain.” This was back in summer 2015—the project is set to be finished toward the end of 2019.

Given the simple furnishings, this is not a spot to spend the night. The cabins are intended to be enjoyed for a quick rest by multiple groups of hikers every day. Although simple, the interior is a true example of minimal Scandinavian design. The geodesic dome pattern along the walls and ceiling are done in a light-colored wood that matches the tables and benches.

You’d better hope you’re passing through at night, for a chance at a front-row seat to a Northern Lights show. The giant window at the front of each of the cabins is the perfect place to stay cozy while taking in the aurora.


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