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London's About to Get a Tulip-shaped Skyscraper

The plans call-out private viewing pods aimed at attracting more tourists to the neighborhood.


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On April 2, the City Corporation in London approved plans for a new skyscraper in the Financial District. This may not seem like a big deal, but the shape of the new building has the city abuzz.

The design, which was created by British firm Foster + Partners, looks exactly as it’s being described: A massive, steel tulip towering over the city. The tower will stand nearly 1,000 feet off the ground, giving visitors an expansive view of the city below.

The Tulip won’t stand as tall as the nearby Shard, which stands just over 1,000 feet tall or the yet-to-be-built 1 Undershaft, which will eventually measure in at 997 feet tall. The reason why you’ll find so many buildings peaking around the same height: London has specific guidelines and rules for new skyscraper height to ensure that there’s enough light getting to the airport.

The tower will be home to restaurants, bars, galleries, and educational facilities, as well as dedicated viewing pods at the very top of the building. There will also be a public rooftop garden spanning two floors on-site, as well as a park for those looking to keep their feet closer to sea level.

There are no set dates for breaking ground or finishing the project, but CNN Style reports that building could begin as early as 2020 with a projected five-year completion plan from there.


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