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New Hyperloop Will Take You From Chicago to Cleveland in 35 Minutes

Transportation as we know it will change forever.


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Zipping across the country in pods is something typically reserved for futuristic fantasy stories. But that far-out idea is about to become a reality. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) just revealed its design for the first full-scale hyperloop that would let passengers travel in pods up to 700 miles per hour.

People would board spaceship-looking pods on a system built with vibranium, a material described as the safest on Earth and mentioned in both Black Panther and Captain America. Once onboard, you would essentially travel in a vacuum which allows for breakneck speeds.

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Developers are constructing a prototype in Abu Dhabi that will link to Dubai and Al Ain but have their sights set on the US. They’re aiming to start construction on a Hyperloop in 2023 (and complete it by 2028) that would allow passengers to travel between Chicago to Cleveland in just 35 minutes. After that, Pittsburgh and New York City are on the horizon for further expansion.

The creators also explained that as many as 164,000 passengers could travel daily with departures every 40 seconds, something that would revolutionize transportation as we know it. What’s more, is these new systems are designed to be eco-friendly with rainwater collection and renewable energy capabilities. Not to mention, it would help solve vehicle pollution and traffic problems. The 2019 Great Lakes Hyperloop Study found that the system connecting Chicago, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh could reduce CO2 emissions in the area by 143 million tons.

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“The HyperloopTT system is inherently sustainable and operates with zero emissions,” said Andres De Leon, CEO of HyperloopTT, in a statement. “We have pioneered a technology that is faster, safer, and far cleaner than existing modes of transportation by design. Because hyperloop uses less energy than alternatives, we are a smarter economic solution for many regions worldwide. With these first of their kind, complete commercial designs, we are ready to build today.”

This latest announcement from HTT comes after Elon Musk first announced his Hyperloop vision in 2013.


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