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New Botswana Lodges Are Perfect for Elephant Herd Spotting

DumaTau and Little DumaTau are situated in Botswana’s Linyanti Wilderness Reserve.


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Botswana has some of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife in the world. And now you can experience both from the comfort of two new luxe lodges. Wilderness Safaris just launched DumaTau and Little DumaTau, which are both perched over Osprey Lagoon, one of Africa’s vital elephant conservation corridors. That means you can watch mega-herds of elephants from the camp itself.

The stunning lodges feature everything you’d want from a safari getaway. Designed in partnership with Artichoke Interiors + Luxury Frontiers, they were rebuilt to ensure a cool environment during the heat of the day and feature a central Osprey Retreat between the two camps. There, guests can enjoy a pool, deli, and Safari Boutique. DumaTau’s eight tented suites and four the suites at Little DumaTau boast an extended deck with a plunge pool and has expansive views on the Linyanti Wilderness Reserve. What’s more, is the camps are 100% solar-powered and sustainably operated, and plant-based meals are thoughtfully prepared using locally- sourced ingredients.

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But it’s the location that’s the ultimate highlight. While going on day and night game drives, boat excursions, and guided nature walks led by expert Wilderness Safaris guides, private access to Zibadianja Lagoon, and more than 30 miles of exclusive traversing along the Linyanti River frontage. That means seclusion and extraordinary wildlife encounters (like the herds of elephants known to frequent the area).

“Wilderness Safaris chose to rebuild and upgrade DumaTau to a premier camp because of the camp’s unparalleled location at the end of the Great Rift Valley, overlooking Osprey Lagoon,” Kim Nixon, Managing Director, Wilderness Safaris Botswana, told Departures. “The Linyanti is one of Africa’s most incredible wilderness regions—it’s a spectacle filled with varied habitats, diverse and rare wildlife, and awe-inspiring landscapes."

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She added, "The camp’s purpose is to protect ancient elephant migration paths, and guests staying at DumaTau support this mission. Throughout their stay, guests will witness herds of elephants winding along ancient migration paths and swimming in the lagoon. Guests will leave DumaTau with a new understanding of just how important conserving the Linyanti is and protecting the elephants and the other animals that call this beautiful region home.”


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