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Dutch Farmers Ask Tourists to Avoid Walking Through Tulip Fields

Travelers have been trampling spring buds in fields across the country.


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If you’re traveling to the Netherlands during the springtime, chances are you’re looking to catch sight of the stunning fields of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths the area is so well known for. And while that’s all wonderful, farmers are warning travelers to steer clear of walking in the fields.

It may seem like common sense, but when there’s an Instagram opportunity, all sense has a tendency to fly out the nearest window. People have been getting increasingly bold when it comes to visiting the fields near the Northern Sea, according to the Associated Press. More and more often, they’re traveling into the fields and trampling new and existing flower bulbs. New signs have popped up along the most affected areas, put there by the farmers maintaining the fields.

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As the AP points out, travelers bring with them a huge financial boost to the country, but the cost of ruining flowers that could have previously been sold is beginning to put a damper on economic growth.

The solution seems simple: Stay out of the flower fields and respect from afar. After all, Photoshop was literally made for cropping in on photos if you’re looking to make it seem like you got a little closer than you actually did. Do it for the flowers.


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