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China’s Newest Bridge Was Inspired By Four Surrounding Mountains

And it has a separate observation deck built in.


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It’s always intriguing to see how architects manage to incorporate the spirit of a location in new developments and the new Nanjing Chengtian Bridge in China is no exception. At first glance, it’s a swooping structure with tall stretches of white steel inspired by the four surrounding mountain peaks.

Designed by AND office and NAN Architects, the new bridge serves a few purposes. It’s a simple walkway for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting two parts of the Nanjing city that are separated by the Qinhuai River. There are two different sections for pedestrians and vehicles, adding an extra layer of safety to those traveling over the bridge. The architects also intended to incorporate the bridge as an “extension of the landscape,” according to Designboom.

Another very important aspect for travelers frequenting this region is the role the Babjing Chengtian Bridge will play in connecting other main transportation hubs. Once completed, it will join the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the city-belt highway.

An upper observation deck is also included in the designs, giving passersby a place to take in the scene without disrupting the foot and bike traffic. The physical buffer between the vehicle lanes and walking and biking paths is filled with plants, the “green belt,” according to the designs.

The bridge is currently in construction and while there are no set dates attached to the completion yet, we can’t wait to see how this elegant industrial structure will fit into the growing landscape.


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