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MSC Cruises Will Offer Passengers Access to Private Bahamian Island—Take a Look

Ships will start making calls to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in November.


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Cruise lines are always on the hunt to elevate their passengers’ experiences. Some are offering over-the-top onboard amenities like a rollercoaster at sea or hiring celebrity chefs to curate the dining options. MSC Cruises decided to impress travelers by giving them exclusive access to a new private island.

It was just revealed that starting this November, the leading cruise line will welcome its first guests onto Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, a stunning new private island in The Bahamas. While some ports of call can feel crowded, the company focused on retaining the untouched natural beauty of the unique destination. You’ll get everything you want in a tropical island like two miles of white sandy beaches and sweeping views of turquoise waters.

Of course, there will be plenty of new activities for visitors to try. While there, passengers can try their hand at deep-sea fishing catching, tagging, and releasing different species of regional fish. Adults can take a scenic boat ride to a Bahama sandbank where they’ll be served complimentary rum punch while enjoying live music and dancing. Drift for hours in a Ceclo luxury electric pedal boat, or stand-up paddleboard at night to see the marine life after dark.

For families, there’s the Ocean Cay Family Club, where Captain Doremi leads a cross-island adventure giving lessons about the environment and animal species. And you can take a double-decker power catamaran to Bahama Banks where the kids can splash around in the shallow tropical waters and parents can sip on rum cocktails. There’s even a night time excursion for kids where Captain Doremi takes them stargazing.

Those on a romantic trip can swim with a variety of different ray species or check out the charming lighthouse on Gun Cay. Or the crew can set up a secluded picnic on the beach, complete with a bottle of wine and a picnic basket of snacks.

Four MSC Cruises ships—MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside, MSC Divina and MSC Armonia—will call at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve on different days.


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