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How to Enjoy a Travel-Themed Mother's Day at Home

Treat mom to a day of luxe armchair travel.


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Unfortunately, we can't take our favorite jet-setting moms on a fabulous getaway to celebrate Mother's Day this year. But you can still honor her love of travel by planning a virtual international itinerary that includes everything from exploring the Great Barrier Reef to indulging in a spa treatment. Here's the perfect day.

In the Morning...

Treat mom to breakfast in bed from Thailand

Make mom feel extra special with breakfast in bed. Try this easy Turmeric Scrambled Toast with scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, mushrooms and leafy greens from Jonathan Heath, Food & Beverage Director with Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.

Make traditional leis in Hawaii

After a hearty (yet healthy) breakfast, let mom explore her creative side by making a stunning Hawaiian lei. The only things you need are string or dental floss, a very long needle, and any type of blossom. Then follow along via this easy video tutorial to learn how to thread blossoms onto the string.

In the Afternoon...

Travel to the Great Barrier Reef

Take mom on a virtual tour of the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef with legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough and get an up-close glimpse of its incredible beauty, including stunning coral and marine life.

Recreate a Singapore Spa Treatment at Home

Help mom feel pampered even if she can't go to the spa. How? First, turn her bathroom into a steam room. Shut all doors and windows to keep all the vapor inside. Then place herbs such as chamomile, mint, and rosemary in the shower for aromas. Turn on the hot water in the shower for 8 to 10 minutes. And once there is enough vapor in the bathroom, tell mom to sit inside for up to 10 minutes, and relax.

Kick the at-home spa day up a notch by creating exfoliators and body scrubs for mom inspire by Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore. Grab some brown sugar, Himalayan salt, coffee grounds, and oil, then follow this video of how to make exfoliator.

In the Evening...

Take a yoga and meditation class in North Carolina

Join the Art of Living Retreat Center for their daily live yoga and meditation virtual classes at 6 pm on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Serve up a Mexican cocktail

Play bartender for mom to help her unwind after her busy armchair travel day with a delicious edible cocktail from Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya's beachfront restaurant Sotavento.

Citric Seahorse

2 oz mezcal

½ oz vanilla syrup

¾ oz passion fruit juice

3 drops of angostura bitters

½ grapefruit (an edible vessel in which to serve the cocktail)

Cut grapefruit in half, scoop all fruit and flesh out. Add all elements into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake, and strain twice. Serve in grapefruit vessel.

You'll make her feel like she's on a tropical vacation.


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