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Airbnb Releases Their List of the 50 Most Wishlisted Properties Across the US

From luxury treehouses to modernist container homes, these properties are pretty spectacular.


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This past year was a confusing, intimidating, and sometimes even scary year for travel. And after nearly a full year of pandemic-induced isolation, Americans are lusting after bucket-list destinations on the regular. The result? “Wishlist Wanderlust,” a phrase coined by Airbnb to describe these worldly daydreams and the optimism that daydreamers report feeling in their wake. According to a recent Airbnb survey, exploring future travel destinations online and looking back at past trips triggers positive emotions including feeling happy, uplifted, and hopeful—something we all need in 2021.

From a compact storybook castle in Alabama to a mountain cabin inspired by Japanese architecture in Wyoming, the U.S. is full of dreamy (and certainly unique) Airbnbs. And while many voyagers are still hesitant to board flights and book hotel rooms, Airbnb provides more isolated settings for those vision board-worthy trips. Below, find some of the most unique wishlisted properties Airbnb has to offer.

Hogan by the River

This earth house in Arizona is exactly what it sounds like: A tiny house, made of earth. Despite its location in a remote part of the Western Navajo land, the listing notes that it’s “easily accessible to local restaurants and stores, and not far from two natural wonders: the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.” And yet, somehow, the most interesting part is still to come: There’s no electricity or running water (the host provides you with five gallons upon arrival). It’s the truest escape money can buy.

The Box

The Box is a shipping container home, suspended between trees in the dense woods of Ohio. Windows with panoramic forest views on one end of the living space provide a fully immersive nature experience, while modern décor and amenities ensure guests’ comfort and relaxation.

The Extraordinary Treehouse

This Texan treehouse is a rural oasis—a place to “escape the city” and connect with nature. But, in reality, it’s more of a luxury experience than a rustic one. Light floods the living room, thanks to breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows, and a unique spiral staircase offers a slightly less literal tree-climbing opportunity. For travelers who want to be one with nature, but don't want to sacrifice small luxuries, it’s the perfect balance.

Dream Rock Silo

The opposite of city is undeniably countryside—but many don’t take it as literally as the hosts of Dream Rock Silo, an Airbnb rental that’s literally in the top of a silo on their farm. The dairy barn was originally built in the 1950s, but has since been renovated into a down-south vacation home that dreams are made of. The master bedroom features windows with 360-degree views of the mountains and valley, a private deck, and an exciting treasure hunt—upon arrival, guests receive “clues” that lead to a secret compartment in the silo. Once discovered, the treasure is theirs to keep.

Ready to plan your trip? Take a look at what's inspiring guests across the country—including the rest of Airbnb’s most unique wishlisted properties, as well as the most-booked properties of 2020—and start packing for that much-needed adventure.


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