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The 10 Most Instagrammable Destinations for Your Spring Vacation

Spring is the season that everything comes back to life. Why should your Instagram feed be any different.


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If your Instagram game has been lagging as of late, now is the time to revive it—with a trip to a ridiculously photogenic destination.

Some of this season’s most gorgeous destinations are perennial favorites. These towns and landscapes get more lovely this time of year as colorful blooms return and animals come back out to graze—but the pesky summer heat has yet to hit.

But spring means different things around the world. For the urban traveler, this could be the perfect time of year to wander city streets before the summer crowds hit. Those who prefer to spend time outdoors may find particular joy in the greenery of the season. If you’re still clinging onto the last vestiges of winter, you can head up north to continue to spend your spring among the snow. Reversely, if you’re craving some heat, the desert can be wonderful this time of year, as wildflowers bloom and maybe even turn patches of barren land green.

Regardless, wherever you decide to spend this spring, these destinations will not disappoint your camera. Scroll through to discover 10 places around the globe that won’t require any filter to look fabulous.

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Tokyo, Japan

Spring is the time of year that the Japanese celebrate sakura, or the cherry blossoms. Thousands of people will gather underneath the pink trees to picnic, spend time with friends and, of course, take many pictures. If you’re headed to Tokyo, be sure to visit Ueno Park, which boasts more than 1,000 cherry blossom trees.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

Every spring, the desert at Joshua Tree explodes with wildflower blooms. Bright splashes of red, yellow, purple and blue spring up across the desert park for these months. Just be warned: the blooms attract many visitors, so you may have to wait a while if you want to get that perfect shot without any bystanders or photobombers.

San Juan Islands, Washington

The San Juan Islands are among the most picturesque of American island escapes. But come springtime, they have one very special draw: whale watching. It’s in springtime that orcas come to the shores of the San Juan Islands and put on spectacular shows for those watching. Keep your cameras at the ready to capture the best photos and videos.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Located just outside of Amsterdam, these gardens are famous for their shockingly-vibrant annual tulip blooms. Keukenhof Gardens are only open 60 days per year, so you’ll need to time this trip perfectly. But if you get there, you’ll be able to photograph more than seven million bulbs and 800 varieties of tulip. If there ever was an opportunity to spam your feed, this is it.

Provence, France

France’s lavender fields are renowned around the world for their beauty. Just one photo should be able to prove why. If you’re looking for the full lavender experience, consider booking a night or two in the countryside. The fields are at their most beautiful (and photogenic) around sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, a camera is unable to capture the smell of a lavender field—but perhaps that’s what captions are for. If the city is more your style, Avignon is the perfect destination and visitors can take day trips to the lavender fields in Sault and Luberon. La Mirande Hotel is situated in Avignon's city center and offers a luxurious stay only a short drive from scenic lavender vistas.


No matter where you go in Namibia, it’s bound to be beautiful in the spring. The savannahs are greener; baby animals will make their first appearances. You can expect comfortable temperatures and very little rainfall, making perfect conditions to go out and capture some beautiful photographs all day.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Morocco’s blue city has become a must-see destination for any self-respecting traveling Instagrammer. It’s like the town has basically painted a gigantic photo backdrop, each painted blue street more charming than the one before. In reality, some locals will say the walls are painted blue to keep away mosquitos and to keep down heat. But who says the color can’t be multitasking?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan’s pastel-painted colonial buildings and cobblestone streets are calling out for a photo shoot. If you’re looking for something a bit more fresh, photograph the mind-blowing street art speckled throughout the city. Wherever you point your camera, something is bound to strike your eye in San Juan.

Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador

Come springtime, Twillingate takes on the title of “iceberg capital of the world.” As the icebergs began their annual thaw, the smaller remains will float past Twillingate’s coastline and remain there through the summer months. It’s the perfect spring destination for those who yearn to make winter last just a little bit longer.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces, China

The world may go on and on about cherry blossoms, but Chinese pear blossoms may be the next big thing. The rice terraces at Yuanyang are bespeckled in a coat of springtime flora every year, including the vibrant pear blossoms. If you’re lucky, your images will contain beautiful shades of green, blue, magenta, and perhaps even red—all naturally occurring on the terraces.

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