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Buy a Lake-view Home for $1 in This Swiss Mountain Town

P.S. it’s just a short drive from Lake Como.


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To revitalize the stunning mountain town of Monti Sciaga, the Swiss government is selling homes in the province of Ticino for $1. Of course, because the property is in Switzerland, it’s technically being sold for 1 Franc, but not to worry, the exchange rate right now is essentially 1:1.

Admittedly, the homes, at the moment, aren’t in great shape. So part of the agreement in purchasing is that the buyers have to renovate the property and attached land in accordance with the government’s standards. However, what the homes lack in structural soundness (they are effectively crumbling and in need of a significant rebuild), they make up for in their location.

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Each property in this alpine village has a clear view of Lake Maggiore. The homes are made entirely of stone, and the old-world beauty radiates from the ruins and begs to be restored. Ticino is an Italian-speaking province of Switzerland, so the homes within Monti Sciaga are referred to as “rustici,” which gives you a sense of their preserved beauty.

Beyond what the province has to offer, Ticino is just a short distance from the Italian border—in fact, it’s so close to the border that you could walk. Furthermore, Monti Sciaga is adjacent to San Salvatore mountain—it’s about an hour’s drive—which is known for its regal views of Lake Lugano. It’s also about a two-hour drive to Lake Como or to Milan. The area is rich with potential, from the numerous nearby lakes and vineyards to, of course, the proximity to metropolitan Italy.

And for anyone seriously considering the purchase, you can rest easy that, though the homes are made of stone and surrounded by wilderness, they already have plumbing and filtered water.


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