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A Michelin Star Guide to Ski Towns

Some of the Michelin guide’s most exciting and coveted dining experiences are happening just steps from Europe’s greatest slopes.


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The definitive Michelin Guide is known as the go-to source for the best dining in metropoles around the world: New York, Tokyo, Paris. However, a number of starred restaurants also thrive in ski towns across parts of Europe, specifically Switzerland, Italy and France.

While the following 15 are by no means a definitive list, they do represent some of the best options and those truly moving the culinary conversation forward. The next time you’re looking to level up your ski trip, book a table at one these always-in-demand gastronomic destinations.

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Restaurant: La Table d’Adrien
Ski Town : Verbier
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Sebastiano Lombardi
Cuisine: Locally-sourced gastronomy inspired by the proximity to Italy and France
What to get: The four-course chef’s tasting menu takes aprés to a whole new level with a constantly-evolving lineup based on local availability.
Address: Chemin des creux - 1936 - Verbier

Restaurant: Da Vittorio at the Carlton Hotel
Ski Town : St. Moritz
Stars: Two/** (no change from 2020)
Chef: Enrico and Roberto Cerea
Cuisine: This traditional Italian restaurant inside the Carlton Hotel has been bringing award-winning cuisine to St. Moritz for more than four decades and is the partner to the home restaurant outside Bergamo.
What to get: Really everything is a sure bet, but you can’t leave without trying any one of a range of pasta dishes inspired by home.
Address: Carlton Hotel - Via Johannes Badrutt 11, CH-7500 St. Moritz

Restaurant: Restaurant PAVILLON at the Hotel Baur au Lac
Ski Town : Zurich
Stars: 2/** (no change from 2020)
Chef: Laurent Eperon
Cuisine: A modern take on European gastronomic classics.
What to get: The only option is a set menu that changes based on seasonal availability and for special holidays, such as Easter.
Address: Baur Au Lac Hotel - Talstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich

Restaurant: Chez Vrony
Ski Town: Zermatt
Stars: One/*
Chef: Vrony and Max-Cotting Julen
Cuisine: Traditional Mediterranean refined with alpine twists.
What to get: Pastries and smaller dishes, plus unbeatable charcuterie
Address: Findeln, Zermatt 3920 Switzerland

Restaurant: Ristorante Capri at the Mont Cervin Palace Hotel
Ski Town : Zermatt
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Giovanni Bavuso
Cuisine: Southern Italian focusing on smaller tasting menus of fish, pasta, vegetables and more.
What to get: If the choices are too overwhelming, then opt for the Gourmet Menu, which includes a bit of everything and a sampling of the restaurant’s best offerings.
Address: Mont Cervin Palace - Bahnhofstrasse 31 CH-3920 Zermatt

Restaurant: The Dolder Grand / Nagawa Pop-Up (March 18-June 20)
City: Zurich
Stars: One/*
Chef: Yoshizumi Nagaya
Cuisine: Impeccable sushi from one of the foremost masters of the art in a can’t-miss limited dinner engagement.
What to get: This is certainly the place to let the chef’s sashimi selections guide your evening. A progressive cocktail and sake menu is also a must-try.
Address: The Dolder Grand Hotel - Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zurich

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Restaurant: St. Hubertus in Hotel Rosa Alpina
Ski Town : San Cassiano, Alta Badia
Stars: Three/***, one green star (no change from 2020)
Chef: Norbert Niederkofler
Cuisine: Groundbreaking sustainable fine dining from one of the standard-bearers of the practice.
What to get: The single set menu follows Chef’s “Cook the Mountain” philosophy with an extreme focus on local sourcing and setting orders long in advance of the reservation date.
Address: Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina - Strada Micura de Ru, 20, 39036 San Cassiano

Restaurant: Restaurant Terra
Ski Town: Sarentino
Stars: Two/** (no change from 2020)
Chef: Heinrich Schneider
Cuisine: Forest-inspired dining designed, quite literally, into the forest.
What to get: At 5,250 ft., you might get lost in the view, but don’t do so without enjoying the post-meal tea ceremony with local herbs and botanicals.
Address: Prati 21, I-39058, Sarentino

Restaurant: Restaurant Tilia
Ski Town : Dobbiaco
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Chris Oberhammer
Cuisine: Special & thoughtful dishes focusing on local meat and multi-course options.
What to get: Dining in a glass cube with only a handful of tables is special enough, but Chef Oberhammer’s contemporary courses might just top that. Every dish here is a work of art.
Address: Dolomitenstrasse 31/b – Via dolomiti 31/b| Toblach 39034 Dobbiaco

Restaurant: Restaurant Kuppelrain
Ski Town : Castelbello, South Tyrol
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Jörg Trafoier
Cuisine: A simpler menu tightly executed within a family-run operation.
What to get: Whichever pastas and local vegetables are available.
Address: Via Stazione 16, 39020 Castelbello, South Tyrol

Restaurant: La Stüa de Michil at the Hotel La Perla Corvara
Ski Town : Corvara, Alta Badia
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Nicola Laera
Cuisine: Italian bistro dining with course options ranging from 2-8 dishes
What to get: Making the trip means expanding your palette - the venison and pigeon offerings are not to be missed.
Address: Hotel La Perla Corvara - Str. Col Alt, 105, 39033 Corvara, Badia

Restaurant: Tivoli
Ski Town : Cortina d’Ampezzo
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Graziano Prest (not an active IG)
Cuisine: Highly-traditional Italian alpine fare with a focus on the surrounding mountain area.
What to get: Any of the simple filled pastas or miniature desserts.
Address: località Lacedel 34, Cortina d'Ampezzo, 32043


Restaurant: Albert 1er at the Hameau Albert 1er Hotel
Ski Town : Chamonix
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Perrine Carrier
Cuisine: Traditional French elevated with specialty meats and seafood like foie gras and Arctic Char.
What to get: For now, the restaurant is only offering to-go dinner service, Friday-Sunday.
Address: Hameau Albert 1er Hotel, 38 route du Bouchet, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, 74400

Restaurant: Les Explorateurs
Ski Town : Val Thorens
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Josselin Jeanblanc (Guide Chef)
Cuisine: French steakhouse with global influences
What to get: The Wagyu beef and sea bass dishes are always an excellent choice.
Address: Pashmina Hotel - Place du Slalom - 73440 Val Thorens

Restaurant: L’Ekrin at Le Kalia Hotel
Ski Town : Meribel
Stars: One/* (no change from 2020)
Chef: Laurent Azoulay
Cuisine: High-level gastronomy centered around essential French cooking
What to get: Chef’s “one-for-all” black truffle menu, which centers around his self-described “gourmet weakness”, featuring the delicacy in a range of innovative applications.
Address: Le Kaila Hotel - 124 Rue des Jeux Olympiques, 73550 Les Allues

Restaurant: Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc
Ski Town : Courchevel
Stars: Three/*** (no change from 2020)
Chef: Yannick Alléno
Cuisine: An intimate dinner-only experience pushing the limits of fine dining in one of France’s most renowned culinary venues.
What to get: The French-focused menu changes regularly, but you can rest assured that any meal here will be a truly exceptional one.
Address: Cheval Blanc Courchevel, Le Jardin Alpin, Courchevel, 73120 Courchevel


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