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Mexico’s Famous Tequila Train Just Launched an ‘Elite’ Car With Incredible Views and Delicious Cocktails

The trip takes you between Tequila and Guadalajara.


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Mexico is known for many things. But when it comes to famous libations, tequila reigns supreme. So, it makes sense that there would be entire tours dedicated to the beverage. The most famous one, though, is Mundo Cuervo’s Jose Cuervo Express, aka the Tequila Train that takes visitors on a tasting journey between the towns of Guadalajara and Tequila. And the experience just got more exciting because the company launched a new “elite wagon.”

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For the past eight years, the sightseeing train has been making weekly trips on Saturdays, attracting almost 35,000 visitors a year. On the journey, you get to take in the Mexican countryside while being served the famous spirit, and then visit spots like the oldest distillery in Latin America and agave fields. Now, the elite car offering elevates the experiences even more.

To start, the train car itself features a beautifully wood-paneled vintage design with oversized windows that instantly transport you. There’s room for 37 in various lounge areas to give groups of varying sizes a sense of privacy within the car. An open bar is available to elite guests that serves up an exclusive line of cocktails. And that’s in addition to a three-glass tasting led by a tequila expert. What’s more, is it’s the only place you can have unlimited access to the company’s premium tequila Reserva de la Familia.

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You’ll also be served regional snacks, get to visit the Reserva de la Familia private cellar, have free time to explore Tequila, watch a Mexican mariachi show, and play local games.

The entire experience—which costs about $165 per person—takes roughly 11 hours, and you have a choice of doing the sunrise or sunset tour. Other tiers include the Diamond, Premium Plus, and Express if you’re looking for something equally exciting but less expensive.


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