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An Utterly 'London-y' Guide to "Mary Poppins Returns"

As the beloved nanny with the magical handbag returns to theaters, here's how to follow her well-heeled footsteps around London.


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Five decades after her original descent from the Lovely London Sky, Mary Poppins is back. Talking parrot umbrella by her side, homespun wisdom at her fingertips.

And Emily Blunt's Mary has had a pretty 'supercalifragilistic' reception from both diehard fans of the 1964 original and critics around the world. In fact, Mary Poppins Returns is up for four awards in the 2019 Golden Globes.

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The new story is set in 1930's London. We're back in a slightly run down Cherry Tree Lane and our beloved Michael (played by Ben Whishaw) and Jane (Emily Montimer) are all grown up with children of their own. After Michael suffers a personal loss, Mary is just as desperately needed as she had been in the 1964 movie. Cue: a magical, fantastical adventure across London and into an animated world.

While the first Mary Poppins was filmed entirely on Disney sound stages, director Rob Marshall aimed to give this movie's setting a more accurate feel. His team reportedly created the fake word "London-y" to encapsulate the look they wanted.

Without giving any spoilers away, we've pulled together some of the real-life locations that the movie features across their "1930's" London. Here's where to step in time into Mary's magical out-turned shoes the next time you visit the capital. Kite optional.


While the Banks home on Cherry Tree Lane may be filmed in a studio, the streets leading up to it are real. Chosen for their pre-war period details and picture-perfect cobbled streets are East London's Blossom Street and Fleur de Lis Street (near Spitalfields Market).


Like his father, adult Michael works at the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. For this, the team set up at the iconic Bank of England on Threadneedle Street. You can spot the London Troops War Memorial and the Royal Exchange nearby too. The latter home to Fortnum & Mason's just opened restaurant.

Buckingham Palace

There's a pretty spectacular scene with Mary Poppins and Cockney lamplighter Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) that's filmed in front of a foggy Buckingham Place on a night shoot, though we won't delve into the details.

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St Paul's Cathedral

Featured in one of the original films most loved number, "Feed the Birds", the iconic cathedral makes another debut in the sequel. Although visitors are now encouraged not to feed the pigeons on the steps, many come to have their photos taken in the same spot as the Bird Woman.

St. James’s Park

Located between Piccadilly and The Mall, St. James's Park is royally-approved and is one of the expansive parks featured in Mary Poppins Returns. Watch the lamplighters cycle through in the movie, then rent your own bike for a cycle through the Windsor's backyard.


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