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Martha Stewart Is Debuting New Cruise Excursions This Year

They include horseback riding in the ocean and local cooking classes.


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Martha Stewart is a busy woman. When she’s not cooking delicious meals, perfecting her garden, and you know, hosting a TV show with Snoop Dogg, she’s always looking for her next big venture. And, as it turns out, that next venture is out on the high seas.

Today, Martha Stewart is launching a partnership with MSC Cruises — one of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best mega-ship ocean cruise lines — to bring her expert finesse to ships traveling to the Caribbean. Called “Celebrate, Discover, Experience,” the TV host has created a series of culinary experiences, surprise gift packages, and shore excursions that marry Stewart’s personal passions with the cruise line’s high-end service.

“I’ve always enjoyed introducing people to new experiences, and I’m thrilled to be working with MSC Cruises on a partnership that embodies the true celebratory nature of travel, exploration and discovery,” Stewart said.

On board ships traveling to multiple destinations in the Caribbean, guests will be able to partake in a number of Martha-centric activities and “passion points” including full-day excursions with hands-on culinary classes and tastings, garden tours, visits to craft markets, hikes to scenic spots and hidden coves, lessons from local fisherman and, her personal favorite, horseback riding in the ocean.

“The excursions showcase some of my favorite activities and help MSC Cruises’ guests discover some of the authentic and hidden treasures of destinations throughout the Caribbean,” Stewart added.

Excursions will initially be available on the MSC Seaside and MSC Armonia on itineraries that include stops in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Mexico, among others. Starting in November, the excursions will be rolled out on the MSC Divinia and MSC Meraviglia. Excursions are available for children and adults and range from $115 to $199.

In Addition to the excursions, Martha’s recipes will take over the during the holidays by offering special dinner menus to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. The dinners will include a specially crafted appetizer, entrée, and dessert to make the holiday even better — as if spending the holidays cruising around the turquoise waters of the Caribbean isn’t enough.

Passengers (and loved ones not actually on the cruise) will also be able to order a “Martha Stewart Celebration Surprise Package” that will be delivered to the guests' staterooms. The packages — meant to celebrate honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, and more — range from personalized letters from Martha with recipes and desserts to tote bags, picture frames, and wine. The packages range from $10 to $89 and can be ordered on or off the ship.

Having sailed many times herself — including three transatlantic cruises — Stewart is passionate about this popular form of vacation.

“So many people are a little bit fearful of taking a cruise. They think there’s a lack of privacy or there are so many people,” Stewart said. “But it’s so funny because everyone who has taken one comes back liking it.”

If you find yourself on an MSC Cruise — or any cruise — the seasoned cruiser has a few tips for making the journey even better.

For packing, the lighter the better,” she said. “I took a duffle bag and told everybody to just bring a duffle bag. You don’t need a lot of clothes.”

And when it comes to documenting your trip, Stewart found a device on her last adventure with MSC that she'll likely no longer travel without.

“We had a new camera with us — the DJI Pocket. It’s a fantastic new camera. It’s so handy and you get really great pictures for your family and your memories," she said. "I always suggest that people take a really good camera or a really good iPhone. And make sure you record what you see.”


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