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Marriott Dedicating $10 Million in Free Rooms to Healthcare Professionals Fighting Coronavirus in Hard-Hit Cities

The famous hotel brand is trying to do their part in fighting coronavirus.


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Despite facing hardships, multiple travel industry companies have stepped up to the plate to dedicate their time and resources with helping stop the spread of COVID-19. The latest business offering its support? Marriott International.

It was just announced the major hospitality company, with support from its credit card partners American Express and JPMorgan Chase, are providing $10 million towards free room nights for healthcare professionals fighting the pandemic. The initiative, which is called Rooms for Responders, provides accommodations in the hardest-hit areas like New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Newark, N.J at no charge for those on the front lines.

To accomplish the incredible feat, Marriott worked with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) to identify the locations with the greatest need for their members. They then looked at the hotels that were closest to the hospitals to ensure it was the most convenient for those working the hardest. Together they created the new program that will match member doctors and nurses with free accommodations at participating hotels.

While Marriott is at the helm of this $10 million initiative, it’s just one of the many projects American Express has helped with during the pandemic. The credit card company also recently announced they would be supporting another major hotel company, Hilton, by helping to donate 1 million hotel room nights across the country to medical personnel working tirelessly to fight the pandemic. And they also announced an initiative where Card Members enrolled in the Membership Rewards program could use their points towards a donation to Feeding America.

Meanwhile, the Four Seasons New York revealed its luxury accommodations were available at no charge to medical workers. And private aviation company XO is offering to transport medical supplies like face masks and ventilators on incoming flights to New York City.


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