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Book This Times Square Penthouse to Watch the Ball Drop—With Mariah Carey as Your Airbnb Host 

You’ll also get the Nasdaq outdoor terrace all to yourself.


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It’s been a challenging year, to say the least, and we feel pretty confident in saying that Americans are collectively looking forward to bidding adieu to 2020. To celebrate the year we never thought would end (finally) winding to a close, Airbnb has a proposition for New Yorkers: spend New Year’s Eve right below the crystal ball as it drops. They’re offering one penthouse (with an enclosed geodesic dome), where guests can spend the night, and exclusive use of Nasdaq’s outdoor terrace where the guests can watch the ball drop. Airbnb is inviting locals to request a booking for a luxury penthouse with a private terrace, where you (and another member of your household) can watch the ball drop in style. You’ll be one of the only people to watch the ball drop in person (as the customary Times Square crowds will not gather this year, and the iconic festivities will be livestreamed instead).

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There’s one more crucial piece of this NYE equation: Mariah Carey will, in fact, be your Airbnb host. And it’s entirely likely that she’ll earn a five-star rating, seeing as she’s offering a private serenade to the New Yorkers she’s hosting for New Year’s Eve. From the serenade to having the Nasdaq terrace all to yourself for the ball drop and subsequent confetti release, the whole evening promises to be an over-the-top spectacle.

New Yorkers keen on spending one night in the geodesic dome penthouse and enjoying a private viewing of the Waterford Crystal-covered ball from the Nasdaq terrace can request to book the one-night experience as of December 21 at 9 a.m. EST. To comply with COVID-19 protocols currently in place, those booking must be able to prove New York City residency and must be members of the same household. The experience costs $21 in honor of ringing in 2021, but comes with a $5,000 shopping credit to use at boutiques along Fifth Avenue or in Times Square. And in addition to the private Mariah Carey serenade, you’ll also have dinner prepared by a private chef, and an indoor lounge (you know, in case the private penthouse isn’t enough) from which to watch the festivities happening around the world.


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