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A Look Inside India's Most Luxurious Train, the Maharajas' Express

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There is something particularly romantic about train travel. Maybe it’s the fact that travelers have been crossing huge swaths of land by way of locomotive for centuries, or perhaps it’s something about the simple beauty of gazing out the window at the landscape whizzing by. Whatever it is that gives trains that certain je ne sais quoi, we’re all about them—especially India’s most luxurious train (and one of the finest in the world): the sublime Maharaja' Express.

Forget meager packaged meals, uncomfortable seats, and bland landscape. The Maharajas' Express, which has been awarded the title of World’s Leading Luxury Train at the World Travel Awards for over four years, elevates train travel to a new level—and has since it's launch nearly ten years ago. A huge part of the experience, of course, is India. The train winds passengers through some of the nation’s most luscious destinations, offering seven different itineraries. The experience is nothing short of royal: passengers can look forward to exceptionally comfortable accommodations, two fine dining restaurants onboard, two lounge cars with bar service (The Rajah Club and Safari Bar), and all-around five-star service.

And in terms of those aforementioned comfortable accommodations—the Maharajas' certainly exceeds any expectations that one may have about sleeping on a train. In fact, it’s likely hard to depart the train for exploration due to just how luxurious the rooms are. Passengers can choose from a host of suites, ranging in size and comfort level from junior suite to presidential. The presidential, perhaps the crown jewel of the Express, is a suite fittingly named Navratana (meaning “nine precious gems”) which boasts 448-square-feet of opulent cabin space (living room, double bedroom, and a twin bedroom). The best part about the suite? It comes with a luxury vehicle that guests can use when embarking off-board excursions. The ambiance, needless to say, is unparalleled.

And as though the interiors weren't enough: it seems that options are limitless when it comes to itineraries. The Express offers seven distinct journeys that take passengers hundreds of miles across the country, stopping along the way for a glimpse into different regions and ways of life. Ranging from three to seven nights, travelers can look forward to itineraries like the Indian Panorama, which begins in Delhi, then proceeds through Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Lucknow, and ends back in Delhi. Guests will experience vast, rich landscapes and ancient cities; excursions to temples, museums, and ruins; a boat ride along the holy River Ganges; spa days at five-star hotels; cultural festivals; and—of course—fine, elegant meals at top-tier restaurants boasting some of the country’s finest local cuisine.

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