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Magellan’s New Pay-As-You-Go Membership Makes it Easier to Fly Private

The new option comes as private jet demand is on the rise.


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With travel still very much up in the air amid the coronavirus pandemic, some travelers are turning to private jets to ensure their vacations are safe. And now one aviation company is hoping to make that option easier. Magellan Jets just launched its pay-as-you-go membership program for new private flyers transitioning from commercial first- and business-class.

“We are simplifying our programs to focus on lowering barriers to entry,” said says Magellan Jets President and Co-Founder Anthony Tivnan in a statement. “Now, more than 9 million American households and businesses that used to rely on airline service have unprecedented access to purely private business aviation solutions at an unbeatable value. Traditional views around private jets are outdated. We’re here to help America fly again.”

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How does it work exactly? You pay an initial sign-up fee of $8,500, followed by an annual renewal fee of $4,500. During that time, you get access to four categories of private jets, 12-month locked-in hourly rates, and the freedom to fly on as little as 12 hours’ notice, plus no blackout dates, fuel, or peak surcharges.

“Our Membership fees are designed to guarantee access to more options at a pay-as-you-go hourly fixed cost, with as little as 12-hours notice,” said CEO and co-founder Joshua Hebert. “We have worked hard to provide the greatest value per hour by increasing transparency and eliminating the numerous fees, blackout periods, and ancillary costs typical of other programs designed for a pre-crisis world. We’re here to elevate the industry and help get America back to work.”

This announcement comes after the company announced they would be partnering with one of the world’s largest international yachting companies to provide seamless jet-to-yacht services this summer.

Of course, health and safety precautions will be taken as well. Since the National Emergency regarding coronavirus was declared in March, Magellan Jets has modified its practices. They now include the use of PPE by personnel and passengers, updated hygiene and sanitation, social distancing protocols, and an active plan for symptom checking, testing, reporting, and contact tracing for both passengers and personnel.

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“We have been maintaining the highest standards of service excellence through the implementation of emergency modifications to our data-driven safety and service system,” said Todd Weeber, COO, Head of Safety & Service at Magellan Jets. “We maintain the capability to quickly respond to the environment to provide additional layers of safety as needed; our members, clients, and their guests continue their vital work of supplying key personnel and equipment to keep America flying, keep people connected, and provide a safe bridge to the future normal.”


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