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What to See, Eat, and Do in Barcelona, Spain

There's so much to do in the Catalonian city so we've broken down a list of the best spots.


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With its fantastical architecture, innovative dining, and legendary nightlife, it's no surprise Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular destinations. (So popular, in fact, that the larger region of Catalonia could function as an independent country thanks to the revenue generated by the sea-side city alone.) Savvy travelers from around the world flock to the locale in search of its celebrated chefs (the Adria brothers are just two of many), perfect climate, architectural diversity, edgy hotels, and truly unique Catalonian culture. Here, we share where to go, what to see, and how to most enjoy the cosmopolitan destination.

Where to Stay

Barcelona's Top Hotels
From a modernist former mansion to a hotel above one of the city's top restaurants, the city's luxury lodging options are varied.

The Best Areas to Stay in Barcelona
Neighborhoods that best embody the lively and artistic ethos of the Spanish city.

The Suite To Book
A stay at Hotel Arts Barcelona's best room includes a helicopter lift to some of the world's most famous restaurants.

Where to Eat & Drink

Can't-Miss Restaurants
The birthplace of molecular gastronomy, Barcelona also has a slew of great restaurants that specialize in everything from traditional tapas to seafood to experimental fine dining.

The Market to Visit
La Boquería offers the most authentic taste of Barcelona.

Innovative Catalan Cuisine
The food of Barcelona goes way beyond tapas, taking the concept of food as an art form to different levels.

The Sweet Life in Barcelona
The first European city to taste chocolate is, unsurprisingly, home to a handful of fantastic purveyors.

Barcelona's Exuberant Nightlife
With bars and lounges that host bustling crowds until dawn, Barcelona may be the actual city that never sleeps.

Art & Culture

Park Güell: A Landmark Sculpture Park
The best place to witness the iconic mosaics of Antoni Gaudí.

Things to Do

Picasso and Beyond: The Best of What to See and Do
Barcelona's vibrant arts scene makes for some of the world's best cultural attractions—but with soccer, open-air markets, and more, it's also the perfect place to enjoy the great out doors.

Where to Shop for Furniture
Founded in 1972 by six Catalan architects, Bd Ediciones de Diseño is without question the city's most breathtakingly beautiful furniture store.

The Best Shops and Boutiques in Barcelona
The Iberian peninsula is home to a handful of fabulous designers; the edgiest of them set up shop here.

The Hidden Alley in Barcelona That's Every Shopper's Dream
Carrer Flassaders is the place to know for seriously fashionable items.

Photos: Courtesy Cotton House Hotel; courtesy Roca Moo; courtesy La Pedrera


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