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These Luxury Hotels Are Using Spiritual Crystals in Their Wellness Offerings

Healing crystals aren’t just found in spa treatments—sometimes you’ll even find them incorporated into a luxe lobby redesign.


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The use of healing crystals is far from a new trend in the luxury wellness space. But every year, hotels find innovative new ways to integrate crystals into their programming—both for wellness treatments and to encourage balance and cultivate energy in other aspects of hotel life. From crystal sound therapy administered by leading wellness professionals, to layering healing crystals into hotel rooms and suites, the crystal offerings at these hotels are elevated in the best possible way.

CIVANA, Arizona

CIVANA, a holistic wellness resort in the Sonoran Desert outside Scottsdale, curates personalized healing experiences that don’t feel prescriptive. At CIVANA, their crystal offerings specifically play into sound healing therapies. Their sound bowl healing experience uses sound waves from instruments such as crystal singing bowls, gongs, and chimes to reverberate through your body. Your brain waves sync up with the sound waves, whisking your body away into a self-healing state. Their floating meditation also utilizes the sound healing from crystal alchemy bowls to provide chakra balancing and alignment as you swing in an aerial hammock.

Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort & Spa, Dominican Republic

Sanctuary Cap Cana Resort & Spa, a luxe all-inclusive and adults-only resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, recently underwent a multimillion-dollar remodel, which, among other things, incorporates wellness crystals into their design. Leveraging the healing and energy shifting properties of crystals, the revamp included a reimagined lobby encrusted in Selenite salt crystal, with a centerpiece Selenite salt chandelier—all of which is meant to absorb negative energies. The healing crystal accents literally encourage guests to leave their worries at the door and tap into their inner serenity upon entrance.

Hotel Kristall, Austria

Welcome to the hotel where you can sleep in a crystal energy room. The hotel’s name even reflects the founder's affinity for crystals; When the Zillertal mountain guesthouse opened, the founders were fascinated with crystals and therefore named the hotel Kristall. You’ll find precious stones and crystal worked in as decor accents throughout the hotel. And in Hotel Kristall’s energy rooms, guests can gaze at their bedside crystals as they fall asleep, taking in the precious stones’ energy. Guests should choose their energy room in accordance to which healing crystals they need most; Rose quartz is the stone of love, Amethysts reduce anxiety and encourage recuperation and concentration, and rock crystals are meant to purify.

Pronghorn Resort, Oregon

In the world’s second-largest juniper forest, guests of Huntington Lodge at Pronghorn Resort can take part in wellness activities in an authentic Bend, Oregon teepee. The spiritual experiences at Pronghorn Resort are all about getting back in touch with the earth, with DIY sage workshops, vin/yin yoga classes, and clinical herbal tastings. Crystals play into both their crystal guidance workshops and crystal sound meditation experiences. The crystal guidance workshops teach guests the basics of working with crystals on their own—it’s all about educating participants on the benefits and properties of various crystals.

Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Vietnam

This year, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam is hosting a 2020 Visiting Masters program as a way to connect guests with sought-after wellness professionals and gurus from all walks of life. Two of the Visiting Masters programs—held at The Heart of the Earth Spa—will work with healing crystals. From March 19 to 28, Kundalini yoga teacher, psychotherapist, and light priestess Zarah Kumara will use light crystals to unblock guests’ energies. And from October 15 to 30, Patricia Sharkey will bring chakra balancing techniques to The Nam Hai, using a variety of crystals, oils, and sound and breath work.

1 Hotels, USA

All four of the 1 Hotel properties—Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, West Hollywood, and South Beach—host a Full Moon Party every month. For example, the upcoming Full Moon Party at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge features special readings in a sacred space for meditation, laughter yoga, and spiritual workshops. At the 1 Hotels’ Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park full moon parties, crystals are used to welcome the full moon along with feathers, sage, and live music.

Inn at Gothic Eves, New York

The Inn at Gothic Eves in the Finger Lakes hosts crystal journeys for guests wherein the crystal practitioner chooses crystals to match guests’ energetic centers. The three-part journey is meant to restore balance of the body and mind. The pièce de résistance of the crystal journey is Crystal Therapy III, a full crystal soak meant to realign chakras and balance the body’s energy.


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