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10 Luxury Experiences for Eliminating Negativity in the New Year

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Never has there been a more significant countdown to the end of the year than in 2020. The past 12 months have been brutal for everyone, and the world can't wait for 2021 to begin. And we'd all probably like to forget that 2020 ever happened. Well, some high-end resorts and spas want to help rid you of that negative energy from the past year and help you kick start the new one with a clean slate in the most luxurious of ways. Here are 10 cleansing experiences to try to welcome 2021.

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Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Resident Healer Program

The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, an American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts property, just announced the expansion of its iconic Resident Healers Program with two new Resident Healers—Astrologer Rebecca Gordon and Hypnotist Nicole Hernandez. Both experts offer one-on-one experiences focused on unpacking the stress of 2020 and creating a solid foundation for 2021. Gordon will translate cosmic symbols to clarify the year ahead, while Hernandez will guide you through bespoke Hypnotic Journeys that help unpack and release anxiety, fear, and bad habits. You can book the 60-minute sessions separately or back-to-back for a cleansing and forward-thinking experience.

Private Ayurvedic Healing Jade Mountain

Heading into 2021, there's no better place to refocus and re-channel your energy than St. Lucia's mesmerizing American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts property Jade Mountain. The iconic five-star island resort recently launched a package designed for the solo traveler who needs to slow down and reset. It includes a private Ayurvedic wellness consultation, followed by customized meal plans, yoga classes, spa treatments, and activities catered to your specific health needs and Ayurvedic body types. The goal is to create habits that can be applied well into the new year.

YO1 Health Resort Stress and Depression Therapy

According to a recent Psychiatric Times article, post-COVID stress disorder will, unfortunately, become an emerging consequence of the global pandemic. That's why YO1 Health Resort, situated on 1,300 acres in the tranquil Catskills Mountains, offers a Stress & Depression Therapy package. Over seven to 10 days, a team of experts will craft a program for you to help relax the mind and body. Think Sweet Orange De-Stress Massage with Steam, Shirodhara with Mood Lifting Oils (an ayurvedic practice), acupuncture, and Hatha yoga sessions. Healthy dining is included that's meant to strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, and enhance its recuperative power. You'll leave feeling ready to take on the new year.

One&Only Palmilla Purification Ceremony

The Mayan culture has long been known for its many rituals. One&Only Palmilla in Mexico, an American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts property, leaned into this local heritage by offering several ancient healing practices. You can book a private session with Curandero Raúl Retana, a member of the Mayo indigenous tribe of Sonora, who will create a personalized program for you based on these practices. You will go through a consultation followed by a cleansing ritual using sage smoke and then end with a deep-tissue massage focused on neutralizing your pH levels and releasing toxins.

NewTree Ranch The Wim Hoff Experience

This vegan retreat nestled in Healdsburg, California, offers an immersive, wellness-centric experience for guests seeking to rejuvenate their mind and reconnect with nature called The Wim Hof Experience. It's a practice that teaches you how to control your immune system through breathing and cold exposure, vegan cooking classes, private yoga, and sound journey classes, and much more.

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Canyon Ranch Lenox Lifestyle Reset

Canyon Ranch Spas are known for their personalized approach when it comes to wellness. Before you arrive, the resort's team will reach out to ask what you want to get out of your stay health-wise. The Lenox, Massachusetts property (and the Tucson location), both American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts properties, created a specific Lifestyle Reset program perfect for resetting for the new year. Over three, five, or seven nights, a series of experts will help you overcome barriers and set goals for a healthier and happier new year. You'll walk away with key tools such as a personalized exercise and diet plan to keep the healing going into 2021 and beyond.

Fire and Water Cleansing Ritual at Six Senses Samui

Thailand's stunning Koh Samui island is the ideal destination to kick off the new year. And Six Senses Samui created two unique rituals to help rid you of negativity and promote positivity. First, the Fire Ritual includes crafting candles from reclaimed wax, which are then used during a ceremony that releases inner emotions, toxins, and daily stresses with chanting. Then partake in the Water Ritual, where you will chant as water is energized in a singing bowl. During the chant, you will release positive energy and love to others, and after the purified water will be returned to the earth. It's the perfect cleansing and energizing experience.

Rosewood Mayakoba Marry Oneself

There hasn't been much time in the last year to focus on ourselves, which is why American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts property Rosewood Mayakoba's Marry Oneself Journey is perfect for kicking off 2021. The experience is led by the resort's resident Shaman, who will create a customized four-day program focused on self-discovery. You will learn things like how to worship the various natural elements, go through a series of treatments like a massage, facial, reflexology, and more. The experience is then topped off with the commitment ceremony to yourself led by the Shaman.

Naya Traveler's Morocco: Rejuvenate Through Sun, Stars and Desert Skies

After the year we've had, you deserve a chunk of time off focused on well being. Naya Traveler's Morocco: Rejuvenate Through Sun, Stars, and Desert Skies itinerary does just that. Over 11 days, you will focus on cleansing physically, mentally, and emotionally. You'll start at the snow-covered mountains of the High Atlas Mountains to breathe in a fresh start. Then head to hidden Valleys of Skoura and Dades, where you'll see glorious gorges giving the sense of open grandeur after months tucked indoors. Following this, you'll spend the night out under the Sahara night sky before ending at Ras Catin Peninsula, surrounded by water. Staff will be there along the way to ensure every other detail is taken care of, so you just need to focus on rebooting.

Amangiri Nourishing Journey

As if the stunning 600-acre property in Southern Utah wasn't rejuvenating enough, American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts property Amangiri resort in Canyon Point also offers experiences based on the traditions of the Navajo. In particular, the Nourishing Journey is ideal for healing and regenerating as it takes you through several treatments--a massage, body wrap, and facial-- that helps heal emotional wounds and spark a reconnection to yourself over 180 luxurious minutes.


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