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Spend the Night in Luxury Accommodations 50 Feet Underground in a Cave—Complete With an Indoor Waterfall

This vacation will rock.


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When you think of luxurious accommodations, a cave doesn't typically come to mind. That is until you see this stunning four-bedroom bunker located 50 feet underground.

The modern luxury cave is located on 256 remote acres in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. From the outside, you barely notice it's a house as it's built into the side of the mountain. And that nature-meets-modern vibe continues inside. There are upscale-furnishings and fixtures throughout the sprawling 5,600-square-foot space, but they're all surrounded by real rock walls, stalactites, and stalagmites.

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These natural cave features are highlighted whenever possible, including in the bedrooms and showers. The upstairs honeymoon suite has a private sitting area, a small bar, and a custom-built bed to fit with the circular cave formation. The other three bedrooms each have their own private bathroom, two of which feature at least one cave wall. And, yes, drips even happen. But there's a geothermal unit that maintains a cool temperature of 65 degrees.

To enhance the unique space's natural vibe, the non-cave areas were designed using stone, concrete, and wood. The grey, white, and brown hues blend in with the natural cave formations to seamlessly flow from one room to the next. And while there are plenty of cozy nooks (it is a cave, after all), the central kitchen and living area are flooded with light thanks to a series of windows built into the cave wall.

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As if the cave infrastructure wasn't enough to make this one of the most unique rentals ever, the home also has it's very own waterfall in the living room. Other highlights include a gourmet kitchen, big screen TV with satellite, WIFI, fire pit, grill, and patio area.

The cost to live the luxurious Flinstone life? You can rent the cave home for an average of $1,200 a night.


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