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The Arctic is filled with incredible scenery and stunning wildlife, and getting the chance to see it is a bucket list trip. But Abercrombie & Kent Luxury Expedition Cruise is turning that trip into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They are launching several trips to the northernmost part of Earth with two famous adventurers.

Alex Pancoe, who summited Alaska's Denali in July 2019 and achieved the Explorers Grand Slam, will be the "Explorer in Residence" during the Ultimate Iceland & Greenland Cruise. Also on board will be Fiann Paul, a record-breaking ocean rower, who captained The Impossible Row across the treacherous Drake Passage in December, making him the first person to complete the Ocean Explorers Grand Slam.

During the voyage, you can ascend Iceland's Dynjandi Falls, rappel down a rock formation overlooking the ancient village of Qaqortoq, and trek on the Greenland Ice Cap with the help of Pancoe. And you can kayak through the waters of Iceland's Westfjords or Greenland's Tunulliarfik Fjord with Paul.

Paul will also be onboard Arctic Cruise Adventure: In Search of the Polar Bear and The Northwest Passage: From Greenland to the Bering Sea itineraries. Or, intrepid guests are invited to join the adventurer on the new 48-day Grand Arctic Voyage (July 31-Sept 16, 2020), which combines all three of A&K's Arctic cruises into one extraordinary voyage of discovery.

"We have selected these accomplished Explorers in Residence because they not only have achieved at the highest level but have inspirational stories to share about their pursuits," said Bob Simpson, Abercrombie & Kent's Vice President of Expedition Cruising, in a statement. "Guests will have the opportunity to learn from each of these remarkable individuals during onboard lectures and shore excursions and informally while enjoying a drink, sharing a meal, or spotting wildlife while cruising the fjords."


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