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Embrace Nostalgic Travel by Road Tripping the U.S. in These Luxe Campers

Airstream campers and luxury RVs with amenities you’d find in five-star hotels.


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The long-term road trip life requires modern amenities. While the nostalgia that comes with slow RV travel is not to be overlooked, it’s 2020—which means taking to the road can now be done in style. As Airstream rolls out newer models with high-tech features and adaptable interiors, they’ve developed Airstream campers tailored to the luxury road tripper’s myriad of on-the-go needs. Similarly, leaders in the design space and transportation industry have come together to fuse the best towing capabilities with design that could, quite frankly, have been inspired by the likes of artistically inclined five-star hotels.

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As you consider embracing the nostalgic Airstream camper lifestyle, here are seven top-of-the-line RVs to consider:

The Drake by Land Ark RV

The Drake, by Land Ark RV is high concept, high design, and high reward. It’s truly a luxury mobile home, with all the amenities of a chic farmhouse in one towable package. A tri-axle trailer that can sleep six, it accommodates a full kitchen (with a 10-foot bar top), a bathroom with storage space, and even a washer/dryer unit. With well-constructed and beautifully exposed pine walls, a built-in couch, and accents like recessed lighting and dimmable custom sconces, this is the pinnacle of luxury RV travel.

To buy: From $149,000, Land Ark RV

Endless Highways Edition by Bowlus Road Chief

Bowlus Road Chief’s Endless Highways Edition RV fuses futuristic design and ahead-of-the-game tech. Nearly 26 feet in length with an Italian cooktop and built-in shelving in the kitchen, heated floors, and battery power that can last a full week without any hookup, this is a luxury camper that can handle the great outdoors to an impressive degree. Because of the heavy-duty capabilities, this is a perfect off-the-grid camper for those looking for a working microwave and A/C even without an external power source. With a “hotel-style bathroom,” separate living room, and bespoke fixtures and accents, the Endless Highways Road Chief is still light enough to be pulled by most SUVs.

To buy: From $190,000, Bowlus Road Chief

The Classic by Airstream

The Airstream Classic offers all the nostalgia and rustic-chic design elements, while also establishing the industry quality standard for luxe RVs. Their flagship RV ranges from 30 to 33 feet, depending on customizations, and has three closets, a separate shower and bathroom, a dining area, living room, kitchenette, and sectioned-off boudoir. The two-axle trailer sleeps up to five and has the “most storage of any Airstream.” While the “timeless modern design” is forever recognizable, the technology has been thoroughly revamped. The Classic Airstream RV features Smart Control Technology (accessible from your phone), which controls the lights and air conditioning. It also has a 65-inch TV, a heated shower floor, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, and leather seating.

To buy: From $157,400, Airstream

Tesla Cybertruck

Driving the Tesla Cybertruck is, admittedly, the exact opposite of embracing nostalgia. This vehicle not only transforms into a full-blown camper, it offers amenities for those on long-term road trip adventures. The exoskeleton of Tesla’s Cybertruck rivals the Batmobile’s exteriors; it’s “designed for superior strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.” The extended trunk becomes a camping-style bed, and the 100-cubic-feet piece of machinery includes lockable storage areas, extension capabilities to accommodate a thorough camping setup, and the ability to tow 14,000 pounds if you’d prefer to pair the Cybertruck with a full-blown RV. The customizable interiors are plush and luxurious, with a large screen and six seats.

To buy: From $39,900, Tesla

The Nest by Airstream

A cutting-edge take on the traditional Airstream, The Nest is a gorgeous fiber glass easily hauled living space. The Nest is really the compact, futuristic, optimized version of a classic Airstream. It's a 16-foot, U-shaped floor plan with a pullout bed, a full kitchen and dinette, and onboard restroom. As Airstream says, The Nest’s attention to detail is perfect for design connoisseurs, with “seamless vinyl flooring, handcrafted Italian Lite-Ply laminated cabinetry, and soft-touch panels and accent walls create a stunning backdrop for all your adventures.”

While The Nest has recently been discontinued by Airstream, it’s widely available for purchase on RV Trader, price on request.

The Romotow

An adaptable camper revolutionizing how we think of a trailer setup, the Romotow starts out as a classic, compact RV. But with the push of a button, the live-in space spins 90 degrees to reveal a relaxation deck that doesn’t detract from the living area which is 30 feet in length. The RV layout also diverges from classic style; the Romotow features two separate compartments. In the first, a full bedroom and separate bathroom. And in the second, a kitchen, dining, and living space.

The Romotow is still under construction in New Zealand, price from the manufacturer upon request.

The Sealander

It’s a camper you can tow—by land and by sea. The Sealander is an RV fueled by innovation and a love for the open road and the open water. On the water, it has the functionality of a “small engine boat” with a fiberglass and reinforced plastic hull and 12 volts of onboard power. As trailer space goes, it’s of course more intimate, featuring a table for six, small kitchen, a bathroom, and a reclining area that doubles as a sleep sanctuary. The Sealander, made in Germany, is your houseboat and your trailer for long-haul adventure.

To buy: Price upon request, Sealander


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