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This Luxury Villa in Italy Is a Daydream Come to Life––and It’s for Sale

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If you've ever wanted to just drop everything and buy a villa in Lombardy, it could finally be in the cards for you. That is if you've got at least $10 million in the bank just waiting to be spent on a luxury villa in the middle of the Italian countryside.

A listing on luxury real estate site Lionard shares that a 17th-century home––and home is a simple word for this majestic property––is looking for an owner. All in all, there’s a nobles’ residence, service space (split across two buildings), multiple cellars, a private chapel, a farm building, and private security.

The shared living rooms have some of the building’s original frescoes and stuccoes. And once you tire of the views inside, you can step out onto one of the many terraces or porticoes to gaze over the gardens in front of the property.

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The main villa is massive on its own: it measures in at 52,420 square feet. The entire property is 2,559,980 square feet––63,184 square feet of that is dedicated to interior spaces, so you can imagine how extensive the landscaping and gardens must be. Perfect for getting lost in on a sunny Italian afternoon.

Hooked? You can read more about the property on Lionard, where you can also find information on how to begin the purchasing process.


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