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Travel to Antarctica in Style on This Decked-out Superyacht This December

The white desert is calling.


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While a trip to Antarctica might be the cream of the bucket-list travel crop, one serious deterrent for those looking to make the trek is the lack of luxe amenities. Predictably, of course, the five-star comforts of international travel aren’t readily available on the frozen continent. However, the last decade has seen more options for Antarctica travel in style pop up, and the most luxurious option so far is undoubtedly sailing to Antarctica on a superyacht.

LEGEND is a 77.4-meter yacht that has previously only been available for private charter—at $550,000 a week. Travelers can now rent a single cabin, rather than taking over the entire 26-guest yacht, with prices starting at $55,000 for a week. As you can imagine for the price tag, the amenities are over-the-top and truly afford travelers a level of world-class luxury even when they are sailing by Antarctic scenery. To simply say the superyacht is decked out would be an understatement. Guests are essentially sailing to Antarctica on a floating five-star hotel, complete with gorgeous cabins, a whiskey and piano bar, an on-board screening room, and a Balinese-inspired spa.

This trip is all orchestrated by PELORUS, a travel-adventure company that specializes in yachting exploration and luxury travel experiences. They not only take care of every last logistical detail, but also keep environmental preservation top of mind when organizing these bespoke trips. As a Blue Marine Foundation partner, they’re committed to wildlife protection and making the trip as sustainable as possible. And the trip even involves actively participating in scientific research efforts with the tour leaders.

While there’s certainly a strong educational and environmental preservation aspect to the journey, adventure is also at the forefront of the experience. In addition to seeing wildlife like chinstrap penguins, seals, and whales, travelers can swim in geothermal waters or hike the Antarctic glaciers.

It’s not hard to see why superyachting through Antartica is such an exclusive experience, and that’s only amplified by the fact that the expedition is only available for two weeks out of the year. In 2019, LEGEND will make trips available to single-cabin travelers from December 6 to 13 and December 13 to 20.


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