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Travel-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids

Cool outfit ideas for the little adventurer in your home.


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It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to an end and Halloween is already around the corner. And nobody gets more excited about dressing up than kids so now is the perfect time to start planning your children’s trick-or-treat costumes.

If your little ones share your passion for travel and exploring new destinations, then they will surely love channeling their inner adventurer this Halloween while they're out collecting candy. Fortunately, there are so many great ideas to choose from. After all, it’s a big world out there and every corner of it is full of inspiration.

If your child gets excited every time he or she sees an airline pilot at the airport, then dress him or her up as one. Halloween is also the perfect holiday to educate your little ones about people like Amelia Earhart—you will not only be providing them with a costume inspiration but, hopefully, a role model, too.

Now check out some of the coolest Halloween costumes for kids obsessed with travel.

Airline Pilot Children's Costume

We may be adults but we also have a child-like fascination with airline pilots. Plus, they always look so dapper and well put together in their uniforms. If your child loves to fly and always talks about becoming a pilot, then help them at least look like one this Halloween. This four-piece costume features a double-breasted jacket and matching pants, a shirt front with an attached tie, and, of course, a pilot’s hat. We have a feeling your child might want to continue dressing up in this costume well past Halloween.

To buy: $21,

Safari Guide Costume

Does your child love the jungle and wild animals? Then surprise them with this realistic costume of a safari guide’s uniform. It includes a tan jumpsuit with pockets, animal silhouettes printed on it, and Aviator sunglasses. To finish off the look, a safari hat that will surely make them feel like they are about to embark on an African adventure.

To buy: $20,

Amelia Earhart

If you haven’t told your little one about Amelia Earhart’s aviation achievements yet this is the perfect time to do it. Her story will surely inspire your child to dream big—especially if she likes to fly—and she will surely appreciate this costume. It includes a brown bomber jacket, leggings, a scarf, and a hat. To make it even more Amelia-like, add a pair of aviation goggles to it.

To buy: $33, and $16,

Bavarian Lederhosen Costume

Can you think of a more appropriate and (cuter) way to celebrate Halloween and Oktoberfest at the same time than dressing up your toddler in a mini Lederhosen-inspired costume? This jumpsuit sports Bavarian art prints and snaps at the bottom (because Oktoberfest or not you’ll still need to change a few diapers). There is also a matching brown hat and an Oktoberfest-inspired sticker to put on your little one’s sippy cup.

To buy: from $18,


If your child’s favorite part of visiting Washington DC wasn’t seeing the White House or the National Mall but the interactive flight simulators at the National Air and Space Museum, then you are probably raising a future astronaut. Nurture their passion by dressing them up in a really cool NASA-inspired astronaut costume that features a full-length body jumpsuit and a realistic space helmet.

To buy: $30,

Buckingham Palace Guard Costume

The Queen’s Guard are almost as popular as the Monarch herself and it’s all because of their signature uniform (okay, and maybe their stony expressions). This Halloween, teach your little one to march in exaggerated steps and dress him in a tall furry hat (the original ones are made of real bearskins), a red military-inspired coat, and black pants with red stripes.

To make it a family affair, channel your inner Queen or Duchess, and dress up as your favorite member of the Royal Family. No need to worry about security, your royal guard will protect you.

To buy: from $40,

Canadian Mountie Costume

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have some of the most recognizable uniforms in the world, which, understandably, have made them a pop culture phenomenon from this side of our Northern border, too. This costume includes a Red Serge, or the signature high-neck red jacket, a wide leather belt together with a cross strap, a campaign hat, and black breeches with gold stripes.

To buy: from $35,


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