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This Remote Arctic Glamping Site May Be the World's Most Luxurious

It comes with a hot tub and sauna.


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The glamping trend is nothing new. But, as the market quickly expanded over the past few years, adventure companies sought out ways to differentiate themselves in the luxury camping space. And it seems no one did that better than Anika Krogh, her husband Jon, and their friend Thure Baastrup. The threesome created Kiattua on the stunning fringes of Greenland, a glamping site that can only be reached by boat or helicopter.

After they were approached by a billionaire friend of Elon Musk to build a wilderness camp 50 miles from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, the team decided to open the unique site to tourists last summer. It has since become a highly sought after destination for travelers looking for a spot off the beaten path—it’s located within the oldest mountains in the world—but with five-star comforts.

What are those comforts? As you reach the water’s edge with towering mountains in the distance, you’ll notice a set of large teepees scattered along the shoreline. Inside is a plush bed, small table and chairs, wood stove, and a nearby bathroom facility. When not resting after a day’s worth of adventure or relaxing with incredible views, you can take advantage of the property’s other facilities such as a hot tub and sauna.

As far as activities go, the trip is customizable and comes complete with a guide. But, the owners make a few recommendations. The boat ride to get to the camp involves scouting for humpback whales and is followed by a hike to a waterfall once you reach it. After that, you’re free to choose one to two activities a day such as meeting the Inuit inhabitants of Kapisillit, kayaking, fishing, swimming in the Arctic waters, and standing on the ice dressed in survival suits.

And no matter which glamping package you choose—four, five, or seven-days—all of your chef-prepared meals are also included. “We believe that dining is a big part of the experience,” reads the website. “And thus only work with the best chefs in the country.” Plus, you get to eat in a special dining tent complete with a built-in kitchen, where guests can observe.

No wonder Jordanian Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad described the vacation as “a once-in-a-lifetime experience” and that he was “so grateful to have lived it.”


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