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Jessica Alba's Picture-perfect Trip to Rome Was Planned by Oprah's Favorite Tour Company

And the trip looked nothing short of amazing.


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Jessica Alba is a travel expert. The actress, mom, and Honest Company mogul is constantly on the go for both personal and professional travel. She’s previously shared her advice for staying healthy on the road, her favorite hotels, and her tips on beating jetlag. And now she’s sharing more on her favorite tour guide company. And it’s one Oprah and the Obamas use, too.

In June, Alba took to Instagram to share her adventures throughout Italy with all of her children. The family, Alba shared, hit up all the spots you’d expect like the Coliseum and the Vatican. However, for their tour, the family got to experience a few of those sites all alone, along with a few extras. And that’s because they were touring with Access Italy, one of the best tour companies in the business.

“‘Romed’ around thanks to @accessitaly,” Alba shared on her Instagram page. “Got a fantastic, kid-friendly, efficient tour. It was one of the hottest days of touring but my heart is full because my three baby boos joined me in Rome with my sissy @leavefootprintsoflove. Thank you @jprensena for the intro to @accessitaly, a family run tour company by @simoneamorico and his fam.”

In the photos, Jessica shares her behind-the-scenes adventure through the Colluseum while holding her youngest baby, as well as visits with her daughters to other historical sites. In her stories, she also shared a few videos and photos from their private pasta-making class in Italy.

But, this is really all par for the course when it comes to traveling with Access Italy.

“We understand what luxury means, which we send our clients,” co-owner Simone Amorico told Travel + Leisure during a trip around Lake Como in 2018. “We make sure they see the behind-the-scenes of the Vatican or something special that only we can do. But at the same time, in today's luxury market, clients still want to experience authenticity. So with us, I feel that we have a bit of combination. You can see the Sistine Chapel when it's closed, you can see the behind the scenes, but at the same time we take you to our home, have a meal with us, see how the Romans live."

Truly, the company founded by Amorico’s father is a celebrity favorite. Oprah previously named the tour operator to her “favorite things” list thanks to their unparalleled access and exciting offerings.

“When you explore Rome with Angelo Amorico, these are some of the things you will not do: You will not wait in line. You will not become prohibitively hungry or thirsty. You will not tote around a stack of outdated guidebooks,” the magazine wrote of its experience with Access Italy. “You will not spend a whole afternoon in an enormous church, hearing someone drone on about obscure artworks that are barely visible to the naked eye because that is what your tour is doing that day and God forbid you should depart from the tour.”

As for what the Obamas did on their vacation, that remains a bit more of a secret. But if Alba’s trip, Oprah’s, and ours say anything, it’s that you should leave all your Italian vacations to them. That way, you can have a dream European getaway without ever having to lift a finger, just as the rich and famous already do.


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