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Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Personal Yacht Is Available to Rent

The security deposit alone is $27,000.


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Renting a private yacht to charter on a personalized itinerary into the open seas is one thing, but renting Jackie Onassis’ former yacht is on a whole different level of luxe. The boat is called Christina O, originally named Christina after Jackie’s stepdaughter with the “O” being added after Aristotle Onassis (Jackie’s second husband) passed away.

Valef Yachts is one charter broker company renting out the boat and you can find a full write-up on the vessel on its website. As you would imagine with any notable name’s personal boat, getting access is going to cost a pretty penny. But before you hear more about how much it will cost you, let’s dive into the details.

Christina O comes with enough beds to comfortably house you and 33 of your closest friends, along with a crew of 38. There are 17 cabins total and the interiors will throw you right back to the 1950s and 1960s. The Onassis Suite has its own Jacuzzi bathroom and private lounge. Even the decks are magazine photoshoot-worthy. In terms of additional amenities, you’ll also find two massage rooms, a fitness center with personal trainers, a beauty room, sunbathing decks, and the pool that made the yacht famous in the first place. The mosaic work on said pool needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated.

There is also the option of scuba diving, take a RIB tender "Black Mamba” speed boat out for a ride, snorkel, or take a six-person banana boat out for a spin, among other watersports.

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During the low season (September through June), it’ll cost around $90,500 to rent the Christina O for the day. During July and August, it’ll cost $101,800 per day. It’s a hit to the wallet, but to say you’ve spent the night and lounged on the same boat Jackie Onassis has? It just might be worth it.


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