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Stay in Unlimited Hotel Rooms With This New Luxury Travel Subscription Service

And it only costs $2,500 a month. Including a range of five-star hotels up to $19,000 Tuscan villas.


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E-commerce subscriptions are on the rise, from Uber’s Ride Pass to Rent the Runway. There’s something about the ease of paying a monthly fee and getting an allotted amount of rides, clothes, or the like without having to think about it. In fact, the “subscription economy” has grown more than 100% over the last five years.

Inspirato, a hospitality company focusing on creating bespoke, luxury experiences for their clients, just released the Inspirato Pass which is the first travel subscription service of its kind. Inspirato touts it as “endless travel for $2,500 per month with no nightly rates, taxes, or fees.”

Here’s how it works: Passholders go to the Inspirato Pass site to choose their next booking. Between the U.S., Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, there are more than 150 destinations and 60,000 properties in Inspirato’s arsenal. Passholders reserve an available trip, experience it, and then can book their next trip after check out.

Passholders can access accommodations in five-star hotels and Inspirato luxury homes all over the world. For a business traveler, that might mean primarily using the service to book a new hotel in a new city every week. But those passholders can mix work and play, reserving a getaway with their spouse or a family vacation through the service as well. And it goes without saying that some of these Inspirato homes are worth well over the price of $2,500 a month. When it’s available to passholders, you could book, for example, Inspirato’s five-bedroom Tuscan villa.

The subscription also comes with access to a travel specialist who can assist with booking or any sort of itinerary needs guests might have. The specialist can also handle any queries that arise during a guest’s stay, whether they’re in a Midtown Manhattan hotel for business or taking their family to a villa in the French Alps.


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