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New York City’s Hudson Yards Neighborhood Is Finally Open

It sits on more than 28 acres on Manhattan's westside.


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The largest mixed-use private real estate development has finally found its home in New York City. After years of planning, Hudson Yards opens to the public today after a press preview filled with fountains of vermouth, never-ending trays of small bites, and the occasional acrobatic performance.

The seven-story structure could easily be likened to a city within a city, given that it houses more restaurants than you could visit in a weekend, four skyscrapers, an inner transportation hub called The Vessel, and enough shops to rival the most extensive mall you've ever visited.

You'll find the Hudson Yards development taking up its own section of Manhattan, spanning 30th Street through 33rd Street and Tenth Avenue through the West Side Highway. According to Architectural Digest, that measures up to more than 18 million square feet across 28 acres of land.

The most anticipated—and controversial—aspect of the development may be The Vessel, a name given to an area that is basically a tangle of escalators, elevators, and stairwells. Designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the entire structure was built behind a fence to add to the mystery.

You can access the new development with a timed-entry ticket, which is free. For more information on what you can find at Hudson Yards and how to get your ticket, heading to the development website.


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