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How We Travel: Our Editors' Favorite Destination-Specific Experiences

How We Travel is a monthly series covering all things—big and small, near and far—related to what our editors love about traveling the world.


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It's no secret that everyone on the team behind Departures is a big fan of globetrotting. Some of us have been in the industry for just a few years, some for decades. When we're not busy writing, editing, and producing content to share with all of you, we like to chat about our own travel dreams—of which there are many.

Each month, we will be publishing a series called How We Travel. These articles will be a peek into the minds of our editors. We'll cover topics like bucket list destinations, products that we always keep in our carry-on, people we've met on our travels that we'll never forget, and much more.

This month: an unforgettable cocktail in London, handmade espadrilles in Spain, and Quebecois-style hot chocolate. These are the things our editors seek out when visiting their favorite destinations.

A Health Food Market in Los Angeles

"Whenever I’m in L.A., I visit Erewhon, a health food market which has been called 'Whole Foods on steroids.' I can spend hours lingering over the mason jars full of bone broth elixirs to stave off my next cold, the hydrogen-infused water that will make me perform better and the fungi vitamins that will make my skin glow. I feel so virtuous and so LA. But it’s also the guilty pleasure of people watching—the man buns, the designer sneakers, the beatific Gwyneth Paltrow clones—that really keeps me coming back."

Maura Egan, Executive Editor

Handmade Espadrilles in Madrid

"One of my best friends is from Madrid, and when I was visiting with her a few years ago, she took me to a tiny, hole-in-the-wall shop that's been around for over a century: Antigua Casa Crespo. She told me it's the best espadrilles shop in Madrid, maybe even in all of Spain. Inside, the store was small, dimly lit, and each of the four walls was floor-to-ceiling shelving lined with all different colors and styles of handmade espadrilles. It was heaven—and I found out shortly after that the store is actually both a local and celeb-favorite, so, less of a secret than I'd thought! Nonetheless, it's now my first stop when I travel to Madrid."

Ellie Nan Storck, Associate Digital Editor

Chocolate Chaud in Montréal

"I have a deep true love for all things chocolate. This is why I find myself constantly looking at flights to Montréal to stop into Juliette & Chocolat for a decedent and life-changing chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). Once I have my fill (I favorite the St. Denis Street location) I make sure to bring home their products so I can enjoy a steamy chocolatey cup back in Brooklyn. Montréal is one of my favorite cities to visit; it's filled with incredible food and beauty, and with it only being a quick hour-and-a-half flight from New York City, it makes it an easy, fun weekend trip for my favorite treat."

Alessandra Amodio, Digital Photo Editor

A Savory Cappuccino in Paris

"Everytime I go to Paris, I make a reservation at the Starck-designed Italian restaurant Caffé Stern and order the Cappuccino ‘alla bolognese’ which is basically a savory appetizer in a coffee cup of mashed potatoes with a meat ragu. No actual coffee involved. Stern is inside this well-known (but kind of run-down) arcade and is really beautiful inside; feels like a real discovery every time. The place also has a long, rich history. The windows in the arcade are also amazing: they display these taxidermied foxes wearing diamond necklaces and with wings attached."

Dan Rubinstein, Home & Design Director

Henna Lip Balm in Marrakech

"When traveling to Marrakech, I always try to make ample suitcase space for all the bags, homeware, cushion covers, rugs, and art that the city does so well. One other little thing I always try and pick up is the magic Moroccan henna lipstick, or 'Bouss matkhafch.' While on the outside it might look garish (it comes in a neon green tube, and the stick itself is green) this lip staining 'green' lipstick changes into a pinky-red hue that stays on for hours. Confession: I once bought an entire box full as gifts and ended up keeping them all for myself."

Tal Dekel-Daks, Social Media Editor

A Creative Bloody Mary in London

"London is one of my favorite cities, mainly because of its amazing cocktail scene. While the city is home to a number of spirited institutions, like Duke’s and The American Bar, I always make a point to swing by The Connaught Bar in Mayfair. The legendary space is probably best known for their tableside martinis, and while they are delicious, it’s their rendition of a bloody mary that keeps drawing me back. Served in a coupe with Connaught’s in-house gin, celery foam, and grated nutmeg to top it off, it’s single-handedly the best cocktail I’ve ever had. Grab a two-top by the window to people watch while sipping this drink and catch the expertly trained mixologists put on a dazzling display at the bar. Simply put, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon in London."

Sean Flynn, Deputy Digital Editor


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