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How to Choose the Perfect Vacation Home for Your Next Trip

Heading out for a family vacation comes with plenty of decision making.


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From where to go, what to do, and just who gets to come along, the process can be downright taxing. But perhaps the most stressful decision is the all-important choice of where exactly you'll stay. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you might consider a luxury hotel, a homestay, something more boutique, maybe even a remote safari stay. Either way, picking the right dwelling for your next trip is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Apart from the locale that is.

Here are five ways to narrow down your search to find the perfect home and have a (hopefully) stress-free vacation.

Consider Who’s Invited on the Journey

If you’re hoping to have a family reunion with 10 of your family members you’ll obviously want enough space for them all. But, what’s perhaps less obvious is thinking of each of their needs. Is your 90-year-old grandmother coming along? You might want to make sure there’s a bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor so she doesn’t have to walk up and down the stairs. Have a cousin with a baby coming? Maybe make sure there’s an in-law suite or a downstairs bedroom away from the rest of the house to ensure everyone can sleep through the crying baby sounds.

Be Clear About the Amenities

Say, for example, you want to go on a cooking journey through Tuscany. You may want to make sure your Italian retreat also comes with a kitchen to test out all your new skills in. You’ll also want to make sure pots, pans, and perhaps a few spices are included as well. At the very least, you may want to inquire about the nearest grocery store.

If You Want Plush Perks Go for a Boutique Hotel

Sometimes a home won't’ suffice when you’re on vacation. After all, who wants to do their own laundry, clean their own room, or make their own bed? And sometimes the location of a hotel is simply more desirable than a home. Take Vegas as a prime hotel destination. With a hotel, you can stay right on the strip, get all the amenities your heart could desire, and have 24-hour services at the touch of a button.

Or, Go Totally Wild With Your Vacation Home

If you’re going to rent a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel you might as well get the most outlandish one available. Getting something with an eccentric living space, or a home dug out from the side of a cave, or even a mega tree house you have to climb up to could make your next vacation far more of an adventure than your average hotel stay.

Decide If You Want to Be Connected or Off the Grid

Sometimes you want to be able to connect with friends while traveling. Other times you want to get away from it all. Either way, make sure your listing has your appropriate accessibility needs. That means asking about the exact location of the home and inquiring about Wifi. So, if this is an escapist vacation maybe it’s OK to stay away from all the tourist attractions and opt for a country getaway instead. But, if you really must make it a working trip or consider yourself more of a city explorer make sure to ask about how close public transportation is to the rental and the exact internet speed so you don’t get stuck with spotty service.

Read all of the reviews closely

To make sure you’re getting what’s pictured on the listing read every review. In fact, read every review twice. Like Yelp and TripAdvisor, these reviews are real and unfiltered meaning you can get a real glimpse at what it’s like to stay the night at your new home away from home and will ensure you’re getting the exact trip you were hoping for.


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