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A New Trolley Through Hong Kong Will Cost $6,000 Per Ride

Hong Kong offers one luxurious train ride for lucky passengers.


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A trolley ride through the city is usually one of the more economical forms of public transportation. So, you might be surprised to hear that one in Hong Kong costs a whopping $6,000.

Circus Tram, a retrofitted trolley car created by start-up Circus and Hong Kong Tramways, just partnered with The Peninsula Hong Kong, an American Express Fine Hotel & Resort property, to offer a ride through the city like no other. As part of The Peninsula Academy, a collection of bespoke programs, guests staying that the luxury Hong Kong property can take a two-hour trip from Western Mar­ket to Happy Valley or North Point on a traditional double-deck tramcar.

But what makes the price point so much higher is all the non-traditional additions they made for the journey. Up to five guests can enjoy three expertly-outfitted sections, including a bar and lounge and top deck complete with "lush gardens." The interiors feature tufted leather seats, large viewing windows, a sound system, and a bathroom. Several local designers participated and the design such as Billy Potts and BeCandle.

During the ride, guests can be treated to musical performances, tarot card readings, and architecture experts acting as tour guides. The hotel also provides Rolls-Royce transfers to and from the tram as well as canapes and drinks during the unique journey. The cost for the luxury ride is $6,000 on weekdays and $6,500 on weekends. What's more, is you're only able to book a ride if you stay at the property two or more nights.

This marks just one of the many one-of-a-kind experiences available to travelers through The Peninsula Academy. You can also learn the art of lantern-making with Hong Kong's leading lantern artisan Master Chan and views UNESCO Hong Kong Geopark from the sky via private helicopter ride. All programming is individually planned through the concierge to ensure you have the perfect itinerary.


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