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Traveling by Train Is the Best Way to See Historic Olympic Sites

Eurail created an itinerary that lets travelers see a blend of destinations that hosted the games.


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With the Summer 2020 Olympics not too far off, it's the perfect time to celebrate Olympians of the past. And there's no better way to do that than by train. In honor of Eurail's 60th anniversary this year, the rail company created several suggested itineraries to travelers, including one that makes stops in cities that previously hosted the Olympic games.

What's the itinerary look like? You would start in Chamonix, France, the site of the first-ever Winter Olympics in 1924. From there, you'd head to Paris where the second ever Summer Olympics took place in 1900. You'd then head to Antwerp, Belgium home of the 1920 Summer Olympics, and the first one after the conclusion of World War I. Then, taking the Eurostar to London, you'd jump into modern times and visit London, the site of the famous 2012 Summer Olympics. It's an Olympic-themed ride that is comprised of the summer and winter games, as well as vintage and modern times.

"The idea of traveling in Europe puts travelers in an authentic mood, as it connects them with the locals and the landscape," Clarissa Mattos, Eurail's Marketing Manager, told Departures. "Whether they descend upon the first-ever Winter Olympic site in Chamonix, France to get a feel for the original Winter Olympians or visit London to recapture the more modern glory of the 2012 Olympics, a Eurail pass is a guide and tool to that true authenticity."

Eurail has provided borderless rail travel throughout Europe since 1959, giving travelers access s to 40,000 destinations in 31 different countries and making an Olympic-inspired trip possible. And it's easier than ever now to travel by train in Europe. Most recently, they unveiled brand new product developments, including additional destinations, reduced rates, and simplified passes.

Other trips Eurail is highlighting to celebrate its anniversary are Exploring Northern Lights Via Eurail, 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II, and Europe's Under the Radar Luxuries. Or, as Mattos puts it, "A Eurail pass provides travelers with a connection to culture that starts as soon as they get on board."


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