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A "Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" Guide to New York City

Consider this the perfect itinerary if you want to follow in Midge’s footsteps.


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Mrs. Maisel has won hearts around the world for her inimitable personality, quirky family dynamics, and, of course, jokes. And it’s not just us who are completely taken by this show—The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is up for no less than twenty awards in the 2020 Emmys.

For those who have yet to experience Midge’s magic behind a mic, the show takes place in 1960s-era New York City. As Midge discovers her talent for making people laugh, she also steps into her own and out of her marriage to Joel, who also pursues a career in stand-up comedy. As you can imagine, there are plenty of laughs along the way—and iconic New York City scenes.

As the series have gone on, Midge has ventured out of Manhattan and gallivanted across Paris, Florida, Las Vegas, and the Catskills, but you’ll find the highest concentration of filming locations within New York City, and Greenwich Village in particular—which was a hot spot for comedy and music in the '50s and ’60s.

Without giving anything away, we pulled together 11 of the locations in New York City you can visit today, from one of the city’s oldest bars to the synagogue where some of the show’s funniest moments unfold.

The Music Inn

This iconic record shop makes an appearance in a couple of seasons of the show, but we’re first introduced to The Music Inn when Susie brings Midge in to peruse some of the work of underground comedy legends. There, they bust into a basement section of the shop where the real finds are located. You can visit this shop at 169 West 4th Street.

The Friar’s Club

In season one, Susie heads to the Friar’s Club—a club frequented by comedian managers during this time period—on the search for advice from famed manager Harry Drake. The Friar’s Club is a real place located at 3205 57 E 55th Street. The specific room that is shown in the scene is the Frank Sinatra Room.

Kettle of Fish Bar

This bar, which is located at 59 Christopher Street in the village, was once frequented by Bob Dylan. A big part of that is probably because the original Kettle of Fish bar was located right next to the Gaslight Cafe, another featured spot on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This bar is the first spot Susie takes Midge after bailing her out of jail in the first season.

Old Town Bar

The Old Town Bar is Joel’s favorite spot, located at 45 E 18th Street. It’s known as one of the oldest bars in New York City. The bar originally opened in 1892 under the name Viemeister’s, later taking on the name Craig’s Restaurant to survive Prohibition. It’s a popular filming location for throwback films, so there’s a good chance you’ve spotted it in other period shows and movies.

The Village Vanguard

The Village Vanguard has been around since 1934. The venue now focuses on jazz acts, but originally hosted all kinds of performances, from poetry and stand-up comedy to folk music. It still stands in its original location at 178 7th Avenue. In episode three of season one, Midge visits the Village Vanguard to watch her new friend Lenny Bruce open for a jazz act. It’s on this night that she unexpectedly takes the stage herself.

National Arts Club

You can still grab lunch on the weekdays at The National Arts Club at 15 Gramercy Park South. It’s the very same location where Joel is filmed introducing Penny to his parents in season one.


This one is a bit of trivia fact. In season two, Midge and Ben head to a bar called the Cedar Tavern, where they meet an artist by the name of Declan Howell. The Cedar Tavern was a real place located at 82 University Place, but shut down in 2006. The Cedar Tavern scene in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was actually filmed at McSorley’s—another bar famed for serving artists and literati that’s been slinging two types of beer (light or dark) since 1894—which you’ll find at 15 E 7th Street. Women weren’t allowed in the bar until 1970.

York Barbershop

Susie hunts down Harry Drake once again, this time finding him at the York Barbershop at 981 Lexington Avenue. The shop opened up in 1928—step inside and you’ll be transported back in time thanks to the throwback decor.

The East Midwood Jewish Center

Fun fact: The actual synagogue that Midge’s family frequents in the show is located far from their home in the Upper West Side. The East Midwood Jewish Center is the filming location for the synagogue scenes and can be found at 1625 Ocean Avenue in East Midwood, Brooklyn.

Ludlow Blunt Barbershop

In season three, Susie can be found with Reggie and the rest of Shy Baldwin's crew at a barbershop where they hang out and listen to boxing matches over the radio. The old-school vintage barbershop is in fact Ludlow Blunt in Williamsburg which you might recognize from Boardwalk Empire and Billions.

La Bonbonniere

Or as Midge knows it, "The City Spoon". Midge and Ben dine at The City Spoon in a flashback right after their wedding. La Bonbonniere is a fully running no-frills diner in the West Village, which still feels like a time warp to anyone walking in today.


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