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Booking Adventure Travel Experiences (Like Heli-Skiing and Kite Surfing) Can Be As Easy As Ordering Pizza

Adrenaline-inducing trips are all available at the touch of a button.


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Travelers use websites to book all aspects of a trip, from flights to hotels. Jumping out of a helicopter to ski down a pristine mountain? Not so much. But that's precisely what Heli provides. It's a site where travelers can research and book luxury adventure travel experiences, including heli-skiing, kite surfing, diving, fishing, cycling, surfing, safaris, and more.

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Adventurers created Heli for adventurers to make these "aspirational" experiences accessible and easily bookable. To do that, Heli partnered with vetted operators—like heli-skiing lodges, surf resorts, and safari camps—to offer thoroughly planned trips. Accommodations, dining, activities, gear, and even a packing list are included making it a seamless experience.

"We love all things adventure and are truly ski bums at heart," Andy Culp, co-founder & CEO of Heli, told Departures. "At first, we were just looking for a way to make it easier to go heli-skiing with our friends. The process to build out an itinerary and book this type of trip was really time-consuming and antiquated—it involved a lot of online research, 1-800 numbers, and general ‘contact us’ submission forms. We realized there was an opportunity to create a platform that could be a one-stop-shop to research, book, and sell these types of experiences, and that's how Heli was born."

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Examples include trips like the Alaska Cruise Ship Heli-Skiing experience. It combines the relaxation of a small cruise with the adventure experience of heli-skiing. Travelers stay on a private, luxury yacht that can easily sail around to find ideal weather and snow conditions. This trip's heli-skiing area extends over 250 nautical miles from Southeast Alaska to the British Columbia/Yukon border. You can go salmon fishing to visit hot springs before unwinding in the yacht's hot tub while whale watching or catching the northern lights.

Other options include cycling on a single track through the Himalayas. Or, they even have surf coaching in a secret location.


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