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HBO Is Hiding Iron Thrones Around the World in the Best Scavenger Hunt Ever

This ‘Game of Thrones’ stunt is giving us life.


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If you weren’t already excited enough for the eighth season of Game of Thrones, HBO is doing something a little… extra, to get you hooked. It’s going to be especially intriguing if you fancy yourself a world traveler.

"HBO has planted six Thrones,” as they’re calling them, in places around the world and they’re asking fans to find them. The brand is slowly sharing photos of where the various thrones are placed—at the time of publication, two have been unveiled: one in a forest area and another in a frozen tundra underneath the Northern Lights. You can keep tabs on HBO’s clues on the Quest for the Throne website and on Instagram.

The game is part of a three-fold promotion plan that began with Create the Throne, where HBO teamed up with six artists to unveil six different artist renditions of popular elements and props from the hit series and Bleed for the Throne, which promoted blood donation with the American Red Cross.

The new season premieres on April 14. Even if you aren’t able to hop on a plane and follow your Iron Throne leads, it looks like you can follow along at #ForTheThrone on Instagram. And if that isn’t an occasion for a midday mental vacation, I don’t know what is.


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