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This New Leisure Complex in Spain Has Europe’s Longest Overhanging Swimming Pool

It hangs suspended 65 feet above the ground on each side.


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If you appreciate a good swimming pool with a view, then it is time to book a trip to Murcia. The Spanish city situated in the southeast of the country next to the sunny Costa Blanca region just became the home of Europe’s biggest overhanging swimming pool.

Designed by Manuel Clavel Rojo of Clavel Arquitectos, the facility is part of the Odiseo casino and leisure complex slated to open later this month. The swimming pool measures about 138 feet in length and is suspended 98 feet above the ground. The eye-catching design also features a round see-through panel at the very end of the pool, which makes you feel like you’re standing suspended in air (needless to say if you’re afraid of heights, you probably won’t be hanging out there). To prove that the swimming pool is safe (since it was added after the construction of the building had already begun), Clavel Rojo took a dive in it filming a video of the entire experience while construction workers were looking on in disbelief. Aside from being the largest in Europe, the swimming pool is also the second-largest in the world next to Marina Bay Sands’s famous infinity pool in Singapore and has cost 30 million Euros to design and build.

But the five-story Odiseo building that spans almost 125 thousand square feet is impressive in its own right—a latticework of vertical pipes and cascading water protect a forest built outdoors meant to cool off the visitors of the leisure complex (Murcia is one of the European cities that get the most sunshine every year).

The complex will also house a casino, a nightclub, a concert venue, and a gourmet restaurant led by Michelin-starred chef Nazario Cano—a concept inspired by the sprawling hotels in Las Vegas.


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