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Harry Potter to Great Gatsby: Inside Gurney's Themed Igloo Pop-Up

Yes, igloos can exist at the beach.


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When you think of igloos, harshly cold places tend to come to mind. The beach? Not so much. But that's exactly what Gurney's Resorts is bringing to their two year-round destinations this winter.

Both Gurney's Montauk and Gurney's Newport are installing multi-sensory themed igloos where visitors can comfortably dine or sip a cocktail while overlooking the ocean or Narragansett Bay. Those themes include winter wonderland, log cabin, Harry Potter, northern lights, the roaring 20s, après ski, tropical summer, and astrology.

Each theme showcases a multi-sensory experience reflected through the cocktails, design, activities, music. For example, the fortune teller (astrology) igloo will feature The Oracle cocktail, velvet table cloth, tarot cards, quartz crystals, and instructions and a crystal ball; the roaring 20s igloo has The Daisy Buchanan cocktail served in Art Deco glasses, feathers, pearls, and frilly decorations, a Great Gatsby soundtrack, and masks and props for dress-up.

Meanwhile, an Irish Coffee cocktail, shotski, board games, and hot cocoa, snow activity related décor is all available at the après ski igloo. Plus, the Harry Potter one will have potions, glass bottles, wands, and the soundtrack will be playing.

"As Gurney's Montauk and Gurney's Newport are both year-round destinations, developing exciting programming for our guests throughout each season is at the core of our mission," Michael Nenner, Area General Manager of Gurney's Resorts, told Departures. "We had great success with our igloos last year, and for the 2019/2020 Winter Season, we sought to put a twist on the activations by creating distinct themes, all complete with their own design, activities, cocktails, and props for photo opportunities. Through the select themes, we can meet every type of travelers' desires—whether it be a family, couple, or group of friends."

The igloos are available seven days a week, but guests will have to make a reservation on Thursday through Sunday. The Montauk igloos will run until March while the Newport ones wrap up February 29.


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