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The World's Longest Train Route Has Just Added a Winter Wonderland Experience Taking 22 Days

The scenery is breathtaking.


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The Trans-Siberian Railway is a bucket list trip for many as it’s the longest railway line in the world. Stretching from Vladivostok to Moscow, you pass through some of Russia’s most pristine landscapes. But most people opt to make the epic journey in the summer when temperatures aren’t as harsh. Although one new luxury trip might change your mind.

For the first time, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is offering a spectacular Trans-Siberian Winter Wonderland trip in February 2021, hauled entirely by steam. This epic 22-day passage follows the classic Trans-Siberian route but in winter when the scenery is particularly breathtaking. You’ll travel over 6,200 miles, passing through eight time zones and expansive Steppe, and the impressive Ural Mountains.

Along the way, you’ll make several stops to experience some of the incredible cultural highlights. The itinerary includes a visit to Sretensk—one of the remotest towns of Siberia—watching a folk performance in the Old Believers Village at Ulan Ude, experiencing a traditional Russian Banya (sauna) in Irkutsk, and learning about the neoclassical architecture of Omsk.

You’ll also get to discover the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin in Ulyanovsk. And the most impressive stop will be at Lake Baikal, which is the deepest lake in the world and is frozen over in the winter. Here you can go dog sledding or snowmobiling.

Even when not going on a side adventure, you’ll be able to enjoy the picturesque scenery from the large windows. Plus, you’ll have cabin attendants available 24 hours a day, private en-suite cabins, a Bar Lounge car, and plenty of fine dining options on the menu.

To pass the time, you can learn Russian from an expert or partake in a vodka-tasting session.

The price tag for the once-in-a-lifetime journey? It will cost $19,495 per person and includes 17 nights onboard the Golden Eagle in Heritage Class, four nights’ hotel accommodation, all meals, wine, beer, and soft drinks, fully guided off-train excursions program, and more. The trip departs on February 25, 2021.


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