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10 Castles in Germany You Can Actually Rent

How often can you say that you're staying in a castle rental?


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Germany is filled to the brim with gorgeous hotels all well worth your vacation days. But, if you really want to up the dream factor on your fairytale German vacation, then it’s time to ditch the traditional accommodations and rent a castle instead.

Across the nation, there are drop-dead gorgeous castles once inhabited by dignitaries and significant historical figures. And now, you can live in their shoes by renting out their one-time homes too. Here are ten castles in Germany that are ready and available for you to rent so you can sleep like the king or queen you really are.

Château Abraham

Château Abraham, formerly called Mörlbach Castle, was originally built in 1914 but was purchased and renovated by a private owner in 2000. Since then, the home has been available for rent for the vacation of your dreams. The home, located outside of Munich, comes with five bedrooms making it large enough for a family reunion or trip with lots of old friends. On the property guests are welcome to have a bit of fun with the castle’s BBQ, its lawn games, table tennis, and more before exploring all the parks nearby. (Starting at $354/night)

Castle Schönburg

Guests hunting for pure romance on their German vacation need not look further than Castle Schönburg. The castle, built sometime between 911 and 1166, was recently restored to its former glory and converted into the hotel it is today. Inside, guests can drink in the stunning views of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley site, explore the garden grounds for themselves, or relax in their perfectly-appointed rooms that are fit for past and modern-day royalty alike. (Starting at $280/night)

Castle at Regensburg

For an even older castle check out the Castle at Regensburg. The building was originally built in 1253 and restored to perfection in 2019. It comes available for rent with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two kitchens, all located on the first floor of the castle. Beyond the rooms, guests can also check out the castle’s private chapel, built in the 17th century, as well as an event room that can is available for rent at an additional charge. And that all means it could just be the ideal spot to host a small wedding as well. The castle is also located a short 35 minutes from Regensburg’s Old Town, making it a great spot to stay near it all while getting the utter relaxation of feeling far, far away in a castle all your own. (Starting at $337/night)

Schloss Selchow Chateau

Built in 1913, the Schloss Selchow Chateau is a nature lover’s dream. Located 37 miles from Berlin, the home is one sweet escape from city life thanks to its abundant natural landscaping, where guests can explore the great outdoors and even spot crans and sea eagles right from their window. Inside, the home boasts a private cinema, bar, pool table, fitness and yoga room, as well as a private spa for saunas and massages. The home can accommodate up to 16 people, making it a perfect spot for a girl’s getaway or family affair where everyone wants to sit back, relax, and take in the sounds of nature. (Starting at $1,292/night)

The Wasserburg Castle

For the absolute most authentic castle experience look no further than The Wasserburg Castle. The 800-year-old castle, located in the coastal foothills of Western Pomerania-Rügen, not only comes with the stone-built castle you’re looking for, but also comes with its own moat to keep out all your enemies. The castle also comes with nearly 45 acres of private land including a private park and orchard. The home can comfortably accommodate up to 25 people, who are all welcome to sit around its campfires, play with the castle’s chickens, horses, and other animals, and even pick a few vegetables right from the garden. The castle also comes with a historic banquet hall, a blue chapel, and rustic granary, making it an ideal place to hold any special event. (Starting at $1,687/night)

Castle Schedling

Castle Schedling, located on the border of the historic old town district of Trostberg in Bavaria, is the place to be if you want to live like Rapunzel. Why? Because when guests stay they are actually staying in the castle’s highest tower. Inside the tower, guests will be delighted by a bright space filled with light wood floors, old wooden ceilings and solid wood furniture, custom made for the space. The castle dwelling comes with a kitchen, large open fireplaces, as well as ultra-luxurious oversized bathrooms. Plus, guests can enjoy the romantic patios and covered terraces, as well as an open fireplace and stone fountains outside, which provide a delightful place to spend an evening together. (Starting at $190/night)

Post-Socialist Manor

Built in the mid-19th century, the house known as Post-Socialist manor went through a total renovation in 2011 after purchase by a private owner. And now, it’s right back to total glory. The home is located on the edge of a small village in Wardow. It’s precisely the right place to be if you’re looking for solitude and a bit of old-world magic. As the owner Philip describes on his listing, “The rooms for the guests are of high standard, but not without morbid charm.” The home comes with two apartments available for rent making it ideal for couples traveling together. (Starting at $84/night)

Castle Alt Eberstein

Think an 800-year-old castle is cool? How about staying in a 1,000-year-old castle instead? You can do just that by renting the Castle Alt Eberstein, the one-time primary residence of the Counts of Eberstein. Located in Baden-Baden directly inside the Black Forest, guests can find, and rent, this truly historic residence. The castle provides stellar views of the landscape below thanks to its high position in the hills. The inside can accommodate up to six guests comfortably. Though the inside is a bit more sparse, it does include plenty of seating for guests and comfortable bedding. But guests don’t stay in a place like this to sleep. Instead, guests should be ready to venture into the great outdoors or at the very least soak up the impressive views from the castle’s terrace. (Starting at $157/night)

Hotel Purschenstein

Constructed in the 13th century, the Hotel Purschenstein, located in Saxony, is ready for guests to come and spend a few nights with history. Inside the hotel, guests can dine on classic German dishes at its exclusive and elegant restaurant, or find a bit of solace by the stunning pool. To enhance the experience, guests could also book an appointment in the hotel’s spa as well before exploring the mountains surrounding this surreal destination. (Starting at $149/night)

Hotel Castle Liebenstein

Castle Liebenstein, located in the Rhine Valley, has a history almost too weird to believe. According to legend, the 13-century castle was constructed as a pair to another castle just down the road. Why two? Because the king reportedly built them both to end a feud over ownership rights between his two descendants. Now the two castles together are known as “Hostile Brothers.” While the castle’s beginnings were a bit unpleasant, the modern-day hotel is a true delight. Inside guests will be greeted by bedrooms styled in medieval decor. The authentic castle vibes continue into its Knight’s Hall where guests can dine by candlelight, and sit by the castle’s many outpost windows to check out the lush green views as far as the eye can see. (Starting at $121/night)


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